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    Sometimes remembering all our passwords is impossible, but a new way to generate access keys is coming. You don’t have to remember anything, your fingerprints are enough.

    Any platform or application today requires us to create a personal profile to access the content or services offered. This leads us to remember 1,000 different passwords, because having a password for everyone is not appropriate for our safety.

    Often these passwords must contain a certain number of alphanumeric, special, and bold characters, which makes everything more complicated to remember. There is an interesting solution on the way to this problem.

    The solution comes from 1Password, a password manager that aims to store personal data and the most sensitive notes in a personal virtual safe, which includes the use of biomedical data as access credentials.

    New arrival system

    Companies are increasingly turning to the future where No password will be required to access the Sites and Services. 1Password certainly can’t be left behind, as the company recently bought Passage, a company that has been active for some time in technologies aimed at offering passwordless authentication systems.

    The new passkeys Incoming passwords are expected to be more secure than traditional passwords, because they exploit many of them Access key generation systemsincluding me Biometric data of the user. This allows you to generate encrypted codes that are saved locally on the user’s device that do not require entering passwords that could be easily circumvented or simply insecure.

    According to Jeff Shiner, CEO of 1Password, Challenge unlocked. The goal is to bring a system that is presented in the hands of companies and customers Maximum simplicity and immediacywithout compromising in any way the safety of traditional roads, thus also providing support for recognized standards such as FIDO.

    Different Big tech companies are starting to look in this direction, including Microsoft, Google, and Apple; Both Android and Chrome support passkey functionality since last September. Even PayPal started supporting the feature starting in the US. Whereas, as far as Apple is concerned, the Cupertino company has provided everything necessary to make its devices passkey compatible with the latest versions of all its operating systems.

    After acquiring Passage, it will not take some time for it to pay off in 1Password, since the acquired team will continue to work as always on developing its technologies and The first beta version of The new system will be introduced as early as the beginning of 2023.

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