Goodbye car tax, but pay attention to the expiration date of your 104 report, you risk paying

    Goodbye car tax, but pay attention to the expiration date of your 104 report, you risk paying

    Section 104 holders can get an exemption from paying car tax but what happens when the report expires?

    Law 104 was created to protect people with physical, mental, and sensory disabilities, and their caregivers. Among the tax concessions offered is the permanent exemption from paying car tax. The Revenue Agency reports it in a special manual that sets out the conditions for obtaining the benefit.

    Vehicle tax exemption and expiration 104 report
    Exemption from motor vehicle tax and 104 report is over, pay attention! (

    Several tax credits are available to Title 104 holders and carers, that is, people who take care of a family member with a disability. Many of the benefits relate to the automotive sector. We are talking about a 19% discount, a reduction in VAT to 4%, and an exemption from paying registration tax for the transfer of vehicle ownership. We reiterate that privileges also extend to caregivers, but under one condition. The disabled person should be at his own expense That is, their personal income must be less than €2,840.51 or €4,000 if they are under 24 years old.

    Today we will expand Exemption from paying car tax, a procedure that makes it possible to save an expensive amount annually. It depends

    • People with disabilities who have a permanent disability or reduced motor skills,
    • to the people With severe limitation in the ability to walk or affected by multiple amputations,
    • For people with mental or psychological disabilities,
    • to Blind and deaf.

    But what happens if the report expires?

    Vehicle Tax Exemption and Expiration 104 Report What you need to know

    people with disabilities Exemption from paying vehicle tax is entitled even if the 104 report has expired. Specifically, the legislation states that beneficiaries can enjoy any facility even though the report has expired provided that this 104th report is With the possibility of review. Thus, the right to the procedure will not be lost until the inspection visit.

    Revision 104 of the motor vehicle tax exemption
    Auto Tax Exemption and Review 104 (

    This means that all Code 104 holders have records of a physical, psychological, or sensory disability for which the audit is scheduled, you will not lose the tax benefitsincluding exemption from paying the specified vehicle tax, in fact, permanently.

    Conditions for obtaining an exemption

    Having explained the right of the disabled (and their caregiver) to the exemption, let’s look at the requirements necessary to access the benefit. If a disabled person is applying for it, there are no income requirements that must be met. On the other hand, if the application comes from a dependent family member, the gross income limit to stay within it is €2,840.51 per year. Therefore, it is advisable to register the vehicle in the name of the disabled person To avoid measurement access problems.

    Another condition of exemption relates to the type of vehicle. Recognized in the franchise are cars only for Mixed transport and motorcycles for a specific transport And for mixed transmission with offset

    • up to 2000 cc if petrol,
    • up to 2800 cc if diesel or hybrid,
    • With a power of up to 150 kW if it is electric.
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