Good notifications arrive: what to do if this happens

    Good notifications arrive: what to do if this happens

    How the Internal Revenue Service sends out reputable notices and what it means to have one: everything you need.

    Revenue Agency (web)
    Revenue Agency (web)

    The government is quite resolute in its desire to resolve the so-called tax gap, and controlsrevenue agency tripled. Therefore, you need to pay more and more attention to the compilation of documents such as tax returns, because finding even the most imperceptible anomalies is certainly not difficult, if you want.

    But pay attention to the connections. e-mail on behalf of the revenue agencies that operate, Nothing more than a scam. So, keep your eyes open. In any case, the solution to the tax gap, which was introduced in the NRP, is due to the strong tax evasion prevailing in the country. For this, the government mainly adopts two weapons: Pre-filled VAT return, which by April 30, 2023 will reach the availability of 2.3 million taxpayers, and Strengthening controls on so-called compliance.

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    Good warnings: when they come to us

    The technology available to the tax authorities can make controls more precise and, in our eyes, perhaps even tougher. Among other things, the goals of the government are clear and they are all contained in a few lines of the presentation of the Pnrr project, since it is known that by 2022, it is considered that letters of compliance The sender will increase by 30%, while the revenue from this tactic will increase by 20%.

    Referred letters are letters in which the Revenue Agency informs the taxpayer that an anomaly has been identified, and therefore more details, if not new documents, are needed in some cases. And again, the agency also has the right to use avvisi bonariOr letters to the financier informing him that the violations discovered are worth it Punishment. From the same agency website, we understand that notifications of irregularities after automatic checks are sent or with them Recommended return At the tax domicile of the taxpayer who issued the return directly, or through a PEC To the address generated by the National Index of Authorized Email Addresses known as INI-PEC or through the Entratel Channel, to any medium responsible for transmitting the advertisement electronically.

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    But there is no need to resign when a goodwill notice arrives, because it is not certain that the tax authorities cannot be wrong. The advice is to go to a professional or coffee shop, or you can call in a private way or at 800.90.96.96 from a land line or at 0696668907, or even go to an agency office. Obviously, provide evidence of an error. If there are really some compilation errors, we just have to do it Endowment payment. Doing so at the times mentioned will not result in further penalties that were previously activated Collection procedures.

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