Home entertainment Good morning from the stock exchange August 24, 2021

Good morning from the stock exchange August 24, 2021

Good morning from the stock exchange August 24, 2021

(Teleborsa) – A slight increase in the Wall Street Stock Exchange, with the Dow Jones which rose 0.61% to 35,335.71 points; On the same line, the Nasdaq 100Which is more than the previous day to reach 15,312.82 points.

Tokyo It earns well and gets +0.87%, ending the session at 27,732.1 points. Excellent performance for Shenzhen (+1.98%), which stores today at 14535.9 points.

Buying is common in European stock lists, with the FTSE MIB Which recorded the same positive performance of the old continent. moves modestly Frankfurt, showing an increase of 0.31%; Greatly tonic London, which records a profit of 0.21%; positive balance of Pariswhich boasts an increase of 0.43%.

The sector performed well in Milan Travel and Leisure, which shows +0.92% over the previous one. Hassan AutogrillAn increase of 1.09%.

Declare Germany’s GDP on an annual basisequal to 9.8%. On a quarterly basis, the same number stands at 1.6%. The Ifo index is expected tomorrow from Germany. Markets await US durable goods orders, also expected tomorrow afternoon.

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