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Godzilla VS. Kong, two new posters have been released for the film

  Godzilla VS.  Kong, two new posters have been released for the film

Godzilla VS. Hong It is one of the most anticipated titles at the moment. In the last few hours legendary It has released two new posters for the movie that will focus on the gigantic clash between two ultimate heroes in the entertainment world.

Legendary, I am a sticker su Instagram


Godzilla vs Kong, the movie’s new trailer

On the one hand, King Kong, who first appeared on the big screen in 1933, on the other hand, is Kaij┼ź who conquered everyone with the 1954 movie. The movie will see creatures collide in battle until the last blow.

After various postponements due to the health emergency associated with the spread of the Coronavirus (The privateUpdatesthe map), The film will debut in the USA and beyond HBO Max In a few weeks, on March 31. Meanwhile, two new posters depicting the heroes aroused the admiration of the audience, adding to the curiosity of the spectators even more, and an eagerness to witness the epic clash.

A few hours ago legendary He posted two posters: the first from Godzilla’s view, and the second from King Kong’s viewpoint. One comment to join the pictures: “One will be defeated.”

In a short time, the post garnered more than 28,000 likes and many comments.

Godzilla VS. Kong, il movie


Godzilla vs. Kong: Two commercials have been published for the movie

Godzilla VS. Hong It is the fourth title in the universe Monster Fresh, Open with Godzilla In 2014 and continued from Kong: Skull Island And yes Godzilla II – King of Monsters, Distributed in 2017 and 2019, respectively.

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The movie will be based on the presence of a crew of Hollywood celebrities among them Alexander Skarsgard (Photo), Millie Bobby Brown & Rebecca Hall, Brian Tyrie Henry, Shawn Oguri, Elsa Gonzalez, Julian Dennison, Kyle Chandler and Dimia Bashir.

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