Godzilla vs Kong, Australia filming the sequel

    Godzilla vs Kong
    Godzilla vs. Kong

    In 2021, it was the highest grossing Hollywood movie since the beginning of the pandemic, and among the reactions of critics and fans, Godzilla vs. Kong to Adam Wingard It begins to give us a long-awaited “queue”. With the official announcement that resumed From the sequel to Australia, the countdown begins to what will be the third Monsterverse Film to be shot in Queensland.

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    after Kong: Skull Island for 2016 and Godzilla vs. Kong In 2019, we are also returning to the Gold Coast, and to other locations in the southeastern region of the state. It also attracted government economic incentives Heaven ticket With George Clooney and Julia Roberts, thirteen lives by Ron Howard, Young Rock And the Joe vs. Carol From Peacock in addition to the Disney + series nautilus And the second season of upright.

    Still the new chapter of Monsterverse She is expected to receive A$16 million (just under $12 million), plus A$6.3 million from state-owned Screen Queensland Film Agency. An investment that the authorities hope will generate a Total income more than 119 million AUD, staffed by over 500 local actors and technicians and no less than 750 extras.

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    “High-skilled crews, first-class facilities and unique locations make filming in Australia a wonderful experience Producer Eric McLeod said: – Support from the Federal and Queensland governments has always been critical to our success in delivering a high level of production and an unprecedented audience experience.”

    The resumed They should start at The last months of 2022.

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