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We are always divided into two classes, whatever we face

Potendary Ebrono


Give me a dollar, sorry for the slip, give me a euro.

Here you think, now that you are tooBlack American series belts“From this moment I can Officially take charge of your defense.

Unfortunately no, yesYou are indefensible, I need a euro to give to the hero knight who brought me pizza home, underwater and on such a cold evening.

But you will tell me:Why this extra generosity given that the service is already included in the “fee” for those who take your outdoor meals at home?

I answer you, because I don’t have 2 euros, dOtherwise, I’ll give two, because The riders He’s not your usual kid, but he’s a little bit ‘Spontolido“Not because he grew up, but because he is a family man who has lost his job these days.

My friends, we are not America, where we can constantly ask ourselves, we are not the country.From a dream“,”We are not a serious country“Because in addition to not unifying the bell towers in this young democracy, we have always misinterpreted the concept of collectivismto me.

We have always divided ourselves into two classes, whatever we face, starting with the split between ‘Cunning and absurdityChi Enjoy it and whoever pushes the nation forwardAnd the The former is arrogant, conceited, does not pay taxes, always complains about a state that is not enough for them, and the latter is anonymous, modest, pays taxes, follows the rules and wonders what he can do to the state.

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The problem, unfortunately, is that our organization is skillfully createdAs long as it lasts smart daily Gamble on this table Almost get away with it.

We were all shocked to see Stroll out of town With flags and masks on Capitol Hill for supporters of Trump, we asked how this could happenAnd (we talked about that deadline), if it had happened in Italy we would have been indignant and also wondering how this might happen, but then we would have split into two camps, even in these cases, we were going to dispatch opinion leaders and so on. . Finally, before the facts are proven, they will go unpunished.

America has a thousand blemishes, but in holy matters, such as the State of the Union, do not joke and take it Memory image Fools, whoever they were, showed us new pictures the next day with their hair cut and a beautiful orange jumpsuit symbolizing the nation’s hospitality.

They will be extremists, they will be hypocrites, they will be advocates of war, but to preserve the status of this country, which is nothing more than a melting pot of people of any head or race.They must make the citizens understand that this is done seriously, and that there is evidence, chosen perhaps through a complicated electoral procedure, but as long as he is in office, he will have a duty to govern, but on the other hand he will be subject to the control of the citizens.

In America you go to jail if you don’t pay taxes, ask Al Capone.

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Perjury in court is a very serious punishmentEthical crime and radiation from professional records are serious matters.

Of course, this is true. I am a fan of the judicial television series. I would love to see amendments like the first ten known as “Bill of Rights“It is still today in the form in which it was adopted more than two centuries ago, as the first.”Congress will not be able to pass laws to prohibit freedom of worship“, The second “The right of citizens to possess and bear arms shall not be violated“Or the fifth”No one shall be compelled, in any criminal case, to testify against himselfWhat a thrill in all trials or hearings to hear whoever is called to testify repeatedly hiding behind a phrase.I benefit from the Fifth Amendment“.

Even if we want to belittle those of us who know the articles of the constitution, Except for what we repeat to ourselves to encourage ourselves. “Italy is a republic based on workHow many of us all know them all?

Come on, they’ll be Americans, but I love them, of course there are things I like a little less.

I’m not going to drive as quietly as I do here, because in town, I’ve always been driving with TIR Syndrome that, while I’m talking to those next to me, comes at full speed from the left and hits me, while outside of town I’ll always be the car nightmare of the mayor who flashes to me pointing to a stop Even before he asked me about my documentary, he would say, “Put your hands in full view, my lord.”“…… ..

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Despite the presence of the Federal Police in America (that’s Touka, the FBI) ​​that has jurisdiction in all states over some crimes including counterterrorism and domestic intelligence, the regional police are, in turn, represented by “Traffic police“Since their police depend on the mayor as well as the sheriff, the police chief will be our traffic police chief? …….”Tomagine“?

Then she says that America is not the country of dreams, but a hug, Ebrono.

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