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goat! Simulator is Italian trash simulator – Multiplayer.it

  goat!  Simulator is Italian trash simulator - Multiplayer.it

Capra! Simulator of Yellow TV Games is a simulation game Trash talk show Italian style. that it parody video game Where the player must stage the last three episodes of the broadcast into a rating crisis, trying to invite the right characters to spark silly debates.

Basically, there is a regular and specialized guest, which is pre-selected, and must be accompanied by characters such as Vittorio my little boyAnd the magician Othelma and Mara Mayonchi and many others. The important thing is to unleash the screams and feed the viewer strange treatises on topics that the guests know absolutely nothing about. What actually happens then.

Capra!  Simulator
Capra! Simulator

Note that capra! Simulator is completely free and not for profit. Let’s read the official description:

Host the TV show PUNTO IN BIANCO, an Italian talk show in crisis that you should try to relaunch in the last three episodes of the season. To do this, prepare the episodes of the show, choosing the guests to invite based on the theme of the episode.

During the live broadcast, you will be asked to follow the set of questions and give the floor to the guest who is most suitable for a particular segment with the aim of stimulating neglected LITES or heated discussions that can stimulate the audience’s attention at home as much as possible. Any choice can be more or less positive and affects TV SHARE which will then determine the fate of the program and host.

If you’re interested, look no further than Capra! suo simulator Itch.

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