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Giusy, OSS: They’ve denied me equal change and moved me as punishment. AssoCareNews.it

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Nurse OOS Giusy
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Giusy reports, Milan’s social healthcare operator, said: I asked for an equal change but they denied it and took me to Tac Room as punishment.

Josie, OSS deplores the position in which she expressed a desire to be transferred but in addition to the rejection, she received a change of management, which she said was unfair.

“Dear Editorial Team AssoCareNews.on himAnd the

With this letter, I unfortunately condemn real punitive extortion at my expense.

My name is Josie and I am a Milanese social health worker. Last September, I went to the office to ask to be able to give an equal dialogue with a colleague from Florence.

In the office they got a bad look at me and asked what would interest me in going to Florence if I was from Calabria. Except that you are close to about 400 km but then these things should not affect the offices.

Anyway, after a few weeks, I ask for an answer, having submitted the documents and everything.

At the beginning of December, they refused my permits because they were “very experienced” to let me go. Medical expert, are we kidding?

But as for my protests, they only had deaf ears.

Holidays pass and last Friday (only 5.30pm when the offices were closing) they sent me a letter in the suite where they told me that as of February 1 they had transferred me to the Tak room.

How do I explain that? Yesterday I went to the office and asked why I had so much experience going to Florence when I had nothing to end up with in the tac room. Answer: No manager should ask him.

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we are crazy.

It doesn’t stop there, so how do I view it as punishment? They have no right.

I will check with the attorneys if needed and go to the bar on Friday.

I wanted to ask you if you’ve heard of cases like this before.



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