Giorgio Armani, at his age here is the new flame: always pushing

    Giorgio Armani, at his age here is the new flame: always pushing

    Elegant, exclusive and very luxurious. A true jewel of the seas to ‘pamper’ the glamorous guest who is also a global style icon. Giorgio Armani thus tries to forget Maric with a creature that certainly does not go unnoticed

    the Mainwhich was launched in 2008, is mega Yacht built by the Codecasa shipyard in Viareggio who replaced Maricthe former yacht Giorgio Armani which outperforms the predecessor in both measuring it is in Welfare. 65 metrescompared to 51 of Maric.

    Maine was my mother’s pet name when she was littleSo Giorgio Armani, in an exclusive interview with Yacht and sailHe explains why his boat was named that way. The designer later revealed:I treated my boat as if it were a home. Clothing should be comfortable yet elegant: after all, everything sea and navy is instinctively sophisticated

    Armani is synonymous with timeless elegance and sophistication And his stylistic vision is fully reflected in new yachtwhich combines excellence in technology and design with i Characteristics of Armani and his deep identity. The Main has sleek and simple lines, inside and out, the perfect meeting point between beauty and function.

    there The bow of the yacht Tapered and seems to have been designed as a kind of prelude to everything that comes next, which ends with strict in which a large version appears elegant ladder who invites you to go down to the sea. the Supermine yacht by Giorgio Armani He will soon undergo some interventions styling.


    Main It is an architectural and engineering masterpiece created by Viareggio shipyard With the essential contribution of a designer who knew how, in spite of this person’s luxury Floating villatransforming interiors into pure quintessence.

    The interiors have been personally taken care of by you Armani. The famous Italian designer also supervised the exterior designs in collaboration with Fulvio CodecasaConstruction site owner. the Main Comes with 1 Owner’s suite, 6 guest rooms, one for the chief engineer and 6 two bed cabins to the rest of the crew.

    Indeed, the Main is the expression of Armani style in its distinctive features on the inside: The decor is simplewith Dark furniture and furnishings made with extensive use Steel and teak. ArmaniBy the way, use it Yacht also Fashion photography group photography.

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