Gianni Agnelli, his car collection was mind-boggling: here are all his cars

    Gianni Agnelli, his car collection was mind-boggling: here are all his cars

    Absolute protagonist of Italian automotive history, both in terms of production – economy and sportiness, Gianni Agnelli is a Fiat icon, and not only: in this sense, his collection of cars can be amazing.

    Whoever lived in his time, or knew him, can only refer to him Gianni Agnelli As one of the most celebrated figures not only of the national economy: but of Italian history, and above all of that of auto “tricolor”.

    For starters, Gianni lambs Architrave was and leader from Fiat The largest manufacturer of national cars: at the helm of the Turin giant for about thirty years, who died ten years ago, in 2003.

    Its history, not only in terms of high finance and car production, is truly suggestive, special, and unique in many ways. We richly, in every sense, 82 years of age, Gianni Agnelli became too Code, icon.

    He’s in love with a certain style. innovative strategy advocate Very high financing Meanwhile, new fashion trends: Gianni Agnelli, all over Avvocato, inevitably influenced him generations in his ways.

    Gianni Agnelli, his personal cars: what style

    the car, Obviously, they always have been pin Of his life: A love of engines marked most of it out of existence from the lawyerSo much so, too A very private garage It was full of killer cars.

    The decisive face of Italian and world automotive history, can the leader of Fiat have few or few cars of value among those he owns? There are many: and with some surprises very puzzling.

    Certainly there can be no Fiat, but also Ferrari: after all, Fiat has absorbed the control of Brand name affiliate horse: I love Gianni Agnelli redheadsFor example, he wanted to have fun 166 inningswith green and blue paints.

    Strength and elegance also for Vignale Berlinetta #212: With shapes for a real show. But there is also 375in coupe version, designed by him Pininfarina On direct request from the lawyer. As for Fiat? Let’s see some of him.

    Avvocato Agnelli’s Fiats: surprises and unique style

    He made Little Jewel talk a lot Lancia Delta: Apparently the lawyer was very fond of a project of this kind Fiat Although he really has a lot of it. For example, even Fiat 123to which he used to go skatingAnother of his passions.


    As he remembers 600 multiple Chosen by the lawyer for his summer trips, always conceived from a branded project Pininfarina. there 500 shoreon the other hand, was another “coast” option for Gianni Agnelli.

    Space remains Fiat 130 Villa d’Este, With truly enormous power for the period, specific solutions such as the automatic gearbox and 200 km / h which were really excellent for a ‘station wagon’.

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