Home entertainment Gialappa: “Rai’s not calling us? We’re going to Twitch”

Gialappa: “Rai’s not calling us? We’re going to Twitch”

Gialappa’s Band: “La Rai non ci chiama più. I The Jackal? Se si accontentano delle imitazioni va bene così”

Gialappa’s history speaks for itself: scathing sarcasm, a bit of black humor and a lot of candor. The same thing the trio found is no longer on the small screen, but on the web with it Europei . awesome twitch On the popular platform now, straight from RDS studios to comment on some of the Euro 2020 matches, by the way, “Why doesn’t it appear on the small screen anymore?Someone will ask. We found the answer in an interview that Ilaria Raffarino gave to Prophet:

We were born with comedic comments in 1986 and wanted to keep going. Since we haven’t received any offers from anyone, we’ve put our schedule here (points to Twitch, editor)

From Rai – where they haven’t put more ‘audio’ since 2017 (last experience with Ray says news e Those who football) – I did not receive any calls:

We don’t know what we might have done with Rai, and we don’t know why they don’t contact us anymore. Maybe they think we cost too much. We don’t have an agent asking for us, we do it ourselves. Then the future is not TV, TV dies. Young people don’t watch TV. They don’t care.

The jackal – who came from the web world – landed on Rai Play with Europei a casa jackal On the occasion of the Italian national team matches. Trio Gialappa softly touches it:

If someone is satisfied with the tradition, that’s fine. We act accordingly. We’re leaving on Twitch.

For the past 11 years, the Gialappa squad performed during the FIFA World Cup events in 2010 and 2014 we say ghoul on RTL 102.5, while for Europeans in 2012 again on RTL 102.5, and in 2016 on Rai 4 and Rai Radio 2 with European opinion says. As we mentioned, 2021 is in the Twitch tag, but will there be a continuation as well?

Let’s see – they answer – for now we are having fun and trying new spaces. We are looking for new horizons, traditional means are dying and we wouldn’t want to spend it if not for ordinary people. Twitch is a completely different world from ours. The audience is very small but we also have a strong group of fans. Our motto is to be an eccentric.

For the trio, working with instant interactions is what’s new: “In 1986 there was none, in 1994 we used fax, then e-mail. However, now we feel comfortable doing what we do today with social media: commenting on videos in the spirit of someone who stays at home“.

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Another important difference (not insignificant) is that the sounds now accompany the face in plain sight, a detail that has always been hidden:We should have done it in our thirties, not in our sixties. Our presence on TV wasn’t necessary, here it can be, and I hope it doesn’t bother us“.

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