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Ghost of Tsushima, Iki Island DLC disappoints fans: the reason


Ghost of Tsushima, the popular Iki Island DLC didn’t convince everyone. That’s why there is some indignation.

Cut the ghost of the director of Toshima
Cut the ghost of the director of Toshima

When video game It has been completed by many players and the opinion is completely positive, and usually the community immediately starts lobbying for a sequel. It is clearly not a request that can be satisfied with a tender heart and very easily, on the contrary. In fact, the development of the second chapter of the game is rather important, Especially if we are talking about triple AIt’s a long request. And there are a lot of things that come into play in deciding whether or not you want to make a sequel.

A good way to give users additional content, without working on a sequel, is to create an expansion of the main adventure. and fact Ghost of Tsushima is about to get rich with DLC.

Ghost of Tsushima is a popular and appreciated PlayStation exclusive that has managed to create a huge fan community thanks to Super artistic trend And a combat system to put your hands in your hair.

And now it’s enriched with DLC though Some players may be disappointed.

Ghost of Tsushima, the controversy over the duration of the DLC

Developers of Ghost of Tsushima, lollipop punch productions, they released a version of the game for the director.

Remember that director’s cut is a term used primarily in films, and refers to a version of the film that was developed entirely according to the director’s ideas, without any truncation from the original shot. Without any outside influence. And now the video game is more complete than ever, with other things to do with new missions and details that weren’t comprehensible in the first round.

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Also in this version there will be a DLC called Iki Island, a real new island in which Jin Sakai She will have to move to resist the Mongol attack and protect Japan.

Sucker Punch devs, speaking to Push Square mics, revealed that additional content should continue 10 to 20 hours. It has also been mentioned that this downloadable content will be available after version 2 of the video game, and that it will gradually become more difficult, giving a tough time for even the most experienced gamers.

The news regarding the duration of the DLC negatively affected some players, Who expected a little more. Obviously, you can’t always please everyone…

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The expansion will be included in the director’s version of the video game and if you have the basic version of Ghost of Tsushima for PS4, you can simply upgrade for €19.99

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