Ghiani also arrives in Rome

    Ghiani also arrives in Rome

    Marco Gianni (in the picture) He has already returned to Italy once to participate in the race. But on Sunday in Rome, he will do so as a British cavalry cadet champ, putting on a chariot saddle and whip and racking up 85 victories so far in 2021 (obviously a target of 100 by the end of the year). He was actually involved in three races on Capitoline Champions Day: Brigitte Sabino in Rome, Crystal Drake in Berardelli and Lorna in Divino Amore. From abroad, as was widely announced, other important riders would arrive (Jimmy Spencer, Olivier Beslier, Gerald Moussy for all) and above all many horses. On the technical side, unlike this year, it is clear that the Roma team has fared better than Lydia Tisio, thanks to the participation of Skalleti (winner 2019), Brentford Hope, Dawn Intello and Tokyo Gold. Speaking of Lydia Tesio, the race will also be the Ruler Of The World Cup and will give a stud to the Coolmore stallion (in 2022 he will work in Berardenga, where he arrived yesterday), as well as additional discounts for owners placed mares.

    Italian Champions of Rome Award (set 2, €231.550, 2,000 page fragments): 1 Alastor (57 C. Fiocchi), 2 Arktisz (57 J. Linek), 3 Brentford Hope (58.5 JP Spencer), 4 Brigante Sabino (57 M. Ghiani), 5 Cima Emergency (58.5 F. Branca), 6 Dawn Intello (58.5 G. Mosse), 7 Flag’s Up (57 D. Vargiu), 8 Skalleti (58.5 A. Orani), 9 Thunderman (58.5 S. Sulas), 10 Tokyo Gone (57 O. Peslier).

    Lydia Tessio Award – World Cup Referee (set 2, €277,200, 2000 pages): 1 Amazing Grace (56 A. Pietsch), 2 Cima Star (56 F. Branca), 3 Eudaimonia (57.5 G. Mosse), 4 Eulaila (56 D. Vargiu), 5 No Limit Credit (57.5 C. Lecoeuvre), 6 Omnia Munda Mundis (56 O. Peslier), 7 Santa Rita (57.5 S. Urru), 8 Sopran Basilea (56 C. Fiocchi).

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