Germany takes temporary control of the Gazprom branch

    Germany takes temporary control of the Gazprom branch

    Germany cannot do without Russian gas, which accounts for 55% of the country’s gas needs, which drives the economy, supports employment, and feeds manufacturing giants and families. This dependence will be gradually reduced until it is phased out but will continue, according to the latest forecasts of Economy Minister Robert Habeck, at least until the end of 2023, in fact, until the middle of 2024.

    For this reason, the Schulz government does not want to know more about extending the sanctions to Gazprom and Gazprombank, fearing that Germany will suffer more damage than Russia. However, the tension in Berlin remains exposed over Russian gas. Thus, the sudden announcement, on Friday afternoon, of the mysterious “disruption” of Gazprom of its 100% stake in Gazprom Germany and all its subsidiaries, the chancellery and the Traffic Light Consortium triggered.

    It opens another front to the crisis

    The German government would gladly have done without another confrontation of the crisis, since it was already busy opposing the 17-point presidential decree that Vladimir Putin wanted to impose new unilateral payment methods on the “anti-Russian countries”, from the euro and the euro. The dollar for ruble supplies, gas, oil and coal. More details about Gazprombank’s implementation of the decree are expected in Berlin: they are used to ensure that German companies “no” to ruble payments are respected – without blocking supplies – and not to circumvent sanctions against the Russian Central Bank since Gazprombank has been excluded.

    Berlin temporarily takes control of Gazprom Germany

    Germany’s Gazprom is now another concern. Although the first step could have been taken by the Schulze government. In recent days, there has been a scoop of Handelsblatt The Berlin project was announced to nationalize two subsidiaries in Germany, the two Russian giants Gazprom and Rosneft, namely Gazprom Germany and Rosneft Germany.

    On Monday, the German government announced the temporary acquisition of Germany’s Gazprom. The trust manager will be the Federal Network Agency. “Providing guardianship serves to protect and maintain the security of supplies,” Economy Minister Robert Habeck said, who said, “This step is urgently needed.” The head of the Federal Network Agency, Klaus Muller, explained: “We are aware of the responsibility for the security of gas supplies involved in this mission. Our goal is to ensure that Gazprom Germany manages for the benefit of Germany and Europe. We want to take all necessary measures to ensure more security of supply. The activity of Gazprom Germany and its subsidiaries in this sense must continue in a controlled manner.” The move also eases restrictions on Russia’s dependence.

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