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Germany: Nurses, “Complete Intensive Care, We Are at the Limit” – Ultima Aura

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(ANSA) – Berlin, April 29 – “Intensive care was full and was already full before Covid. Five or six years ago we should have thought about the problem of the shortage of workers in these health sectors.” This was stated by Ricardo Lange, the intensive care nurse who gave an intensive testimony today in Berlin, during the press conference, in the presence of Minister of Health Jens Spahn and President of the Robert Koch Institute.

Lange explained that the small stations have 2-3 ICU beds and that they are generally full, even in normal situations. “In the large plants, where there are 30 beds, more than half of them are currently occupied by Covid patients.”

The health worker sounded the alarm: “We have been working to the extreme for several months. More and more colleagues are leaving this job, also because of the enormous emotional and psychological burden caused by the epidemic. In our work we always have to deal with dying patients, but Covid patients are dying in other ways.” .

Lange recounted in detail the isolation of these people, who “could not see their families” “until the end”, “could not be escorted” before they died.

“When these patients die, we have to put their bodies in large black plastic bags,” Ansa added. “All of this leaves its effects on us as well.”

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