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Germany, after Merkel three to run for leadership of Cdu- Corriere.it

Germany, after Merkel three to run for leadership of Cdu- Corriere.it

The key to the puzzle is that it isn’t all about electing a new president instead of a meteor. Akk, She resigned a year ago after a short period of rule without quality, insofar as she launched the race that will bring the Union to the election on September 26, when Angela Merkel will no longer be in competition 16 years later. The most important transformation has begun in Germany and Europe during the past three decades, The mother of the nation, who changed German politics by redesigning its landscape, leaves the landscape and for the first time the idea of ​​continuity embodied by the Eternal Chancellor has faded away.

The conference was postponed twice due to the epidemic, and the conference was to be a prelude to the nomination (scheduled in April) for the candidate for the position of Conservative Front advisor, who has always coincided with the leader of the CDU with two exceptions in 70 years. Only in 1980 (with Franz Josef Strauss) and in 2002 (with Edmund Stoiber) was the Bavarian twin, CSU, To send his hero into battle, he lost either way. But this time it may be different.

Each of them had completely different ideas and proposals about the direction to be given to a party seeking an author, after years of Merkel’s quiet strength and stability. If Lachette is more than embodying an intermediate continuity with the chancellor, with the addition of modernization and Rhine Europe, Merz is the true anti-Merkel hero of those who want the CDU to return to conservative positions, Harsh on immigration, less generous on luxury and more strict (not surprisingly Wolfgang Schäuble’s pupil) in Europe. As for Retajn, leave from IntruderShe has seen her opportunities grow thanks to experience in foreign policy and an internal campaign focused on women, the digital future and the environment. As for history, Merz and Ratgen are two of the many victims of Angela Merkel, the first torpedo by the CDU Speaker in 2003. The second was removed from the position of environment minister after the defeat in North Rhine-Westphalia in 2012.

Party gifts are divided. Internal surveys tell Merz’s presence at 29%, with Laschet and Rttgen being dwarfed 25%. Actually delegates is something else: Elected local officials and officials, lawmakers with office and career ambitions, according to analysts, seem to benefit the prime minister of the Rhine region.

But nothing is as it seems, the real game is the game of chancellery. Here, then, the contestants are not three but five. If measured by voting intentions for the policies, in fact, the three running for the leadership of the CDU have strong inhibitions and low levels of popularity. For various reasons: Merz because he is very conservative, not exactly a champion of women and minorities, hot-tempered and extremely hated by the Greens, the government’s future partners. Chet is devoid of charisma and is not exempt from criticism for managing the pandemic in his land. Ritjan because it is very technocratic and a bit of a mysterious being that came out of nowhere.

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Better, much better than the three candidates as potential advisors are instead in favor of the electorate Prime Minister and Bavarian CSU leader Marcus Sidr and the young health minister, Jens Spahn. First of all, according to his latest survey womanIt will be the strongest candidate. Ostensibly, they are standing outside the battle. In fact, for weeks they had been participating in a campaign under the stream and discreetly investigated the ground for a possible landing on the field.

Much depends on how it ends tomorrow. He clearly says that if Merz wins, he will not give up on being the candidate himself. Laschet, if he does not get a share in the polls, could make way for Span, who is running as his deputy in the CDU race. Ratajan finally paved the way for Sidr. That Germany, on the third attempt, is ready to accept a Bavarian chancellor, that’s another story.

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