Garofalo Health Care acquires Sanatorium Triestino Spa

    Garofalo Health Care acquires Sanatorium Triestino Spa

    Sanatorium Triestino Spa, a historic private health facility approved by the Provincial Health System, has been acquired for 84.09% by Garofalo Health Care Group. The acquisition, carried out directly by Ghc SpA, includes the useful real estate assets owned by Sanatorio Triestino, which cover a total area of ​​about 8,000 square meters, to which must be added a construction area of ​​more than 6,000 square meters. L’project value Of the deal €16.9 million (100%), while eQuality value equal to 13.2 million.

    GHC announced that it wanted to “ensure full administrative and health continuity of the acquired facts”, and therefore “Dr. Salvatore Guarneri, the current general manager of the structure, will be appointed Managing Director for himself. The contract was determined. It included a group of shareholders representing a total of 86.95% of the share capital of the company As part of the agreed agreements, it is envisaged that Ghc will make to all other shareholders an irrevocable offer to purchase the shares owned by them under the same terms and conditions as recognized to the selling shareholders.”

    Sanatorium Triestino SpA, historical reality of the city of Trieste and always a reference point for the territory for the quality of the offers and services offered, is a structure approved by the Regional Health System and equipped with 80 acute hospital beds and 40 RSA beds. It also owns controlling stakes in Eutonia Srl Sanità & Salute (“Eutonia”), the largest physiotherapy and rehabilitation company in the province of Trieste, and in Terme del Friuli-Venezia Giulia Srl (“Terme FVG”), a company that currently operates spa resorts. “Arta” and “Monfalcone”.

    Confusion and criticism from the world of politics, in particular from Trieste and the Provincial Democratic Party: “Almost 130 years of health care history in Trieste – Provincial Secretary Caterina Conte declares – is absorbed by a Romanian listed company, with specific logic from these facts and a cockpit Driving far from here.”

    “The day after statements by President Fedriga and Councilman Riccardi—explains Democratic Party advocates Salvatore Spitaleri—about the great equivalence between the public and chartered health service, and the natural silence that individuals rightfully enter the most profitable sectors of health, Boccone’s first is a historic private health care facility worthy of In many ways this region.

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