Game room in a Mexican restaurant: the new trend in the United States

    Game room in a Mexican restaurant: the new trend in the United States

    Mission Taco Joint in St. Charles, Missouri, has opened a new arcade that combines entertainment with good food.

    By Vincenzo Giacometti

    A new arcade space is poised to delight Mexican diners”Taco Joint MissionSt. Charles in Missouri, where – along with good food – it offers a selection of games that are sure to attract attention, in particular: Six pinball machines, one Ski ball and sixteen arcade video games in vintage style.
    The new gaming space opened on the occasion of the old National Day on February 27. “Tacos and arcade games are a fun combination,” says Adam, the owner of the place. “After the success and popularity of old school arcades at our location in Kirkwood, we knew we wanted to add this old school entertainment to our other restaurants where we had space for it.” Here’s the next step caterers have taken.
    Mission Taco Joint offers visitors a wide range of sensations Food and drink, like draft beers and margaritas from Capanara Bar, plus the place’s staple offerings of tacos, burritos, tortillas, and more. Which can now also be combined with healthy leisure.

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