Game of Thrones is banned in the UK due to profanity | Television

     Game of Thrones is banned in the UK due to profanity |  Television

    Sky’s UK division received a recall from Ofcom With an afternoon rerun of Game of Thrones ordered to be censored for too many bad words.

    Due to a system bug, an episode of Game of Thrones was broadcast this past August without the ability to enter a parental control code. Game of Thrones episode has been censored for 40 minutes after it was too late.

    Broadcasters in the UK are only allowed to show profanity programs before 21:00 if they are password protected.

    Ofcom has acknowledged a technical error on Sky’s part and has implemented countermeasures to prevent the problem from happening again.

    In response, Sky said it fully accepted that strong content should not be broadcast without mandatory PIN protection, and apologized to minors who watched the episode uncensored.

    Game of Thrones has long been considered one of the most violent and profane shows on television.

    What do you think of Game of Thrones being censored in the afternoon? Let us know in a comment below or, if you prefer, on our social channels.

    source: The deadlines

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