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G7 seeks measures for ‘more equitable and sustainable economic recovery’, but tension between London and Brussels is growing

G7 seeks measures for 'more equitable and sustainable economic recovery', but tension between London and Brussels is growing

On the first day of the G7’s work at the summit table, there are “measures to achieve a more equitable and sustainable economic recovery that responds to the unique challenges of our time”. This was announced by the US presidency, explaining that the seven leaders agreed to continue their policies in support of the global economy “as long as necessary” to create a “strong and balanced” recovery.

Meanwhile, while the Covid-19 outbreak broke out in a hotel where some of Angela Merkel’s security officers are staying, the British government is back in disagreement with the EU over the implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol to the post-Brexit agreement. “The integrity of the UK is not negotiable,” Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab told Sky about the relationship between London and Belfast, adding that the EU should take a more flexible stance on implementing the protocol. to solve this issue.

An indirect response to France’s President, Emmanuel Macron, who said there was “nothing to be renegotiated” about the post-Brexit agreement, so far blaming London for not complying with some points regarding the implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol. A new concept was also underlined with the decision to publish a photo of him smiling around a table in Karbis Bay with Prime Minister Mario Draghi and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, along with European Union leaders, Charles Michel and Ursula von der Leyen. “As always, the same union, the same determination to act, the same enthusiasm! The G7 can begin,” the Elysee president wrote. European Union leaders met before the summit began for a coordination meeting. As a British Times correspondent noted, “the table at which Boris Johnson will not attend it” after Brexit.

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Certainly on the occasion of the Summit, the topic will be the topic of the hour with Britons who will focus on supporting the US: “It’s the first official day of the G7 Summit in the UK, I can’t wait to strengthen our commitment to multilateralism and work with our allies and partners to build a more just and inclusive global economy” on President Twitter American Joe Biden.

At the opening of the summit, Queen Elizabeth will receive the grandeur of the earth in Cornwall: the King will accompany Prince Charles with his wife Camilla and Prince William with Kate.

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