Home entertainment Futurama in Flow Where to see the series in Italian

Futurama in Flow Where to see the series in Italian

Futurama in Flow Where to see the series in Italian

Futurama in Live su Star di Disney +

After success I’m Simpson, Matt Goering She creates another comic and futuristic animated series set in the 31st century. Let’s talk about FuturamaAnd the Available in broadcast for all seasons only star On Disney +!

Enter the Disney + world now

The star is The new trademark That became part of the Mickey Mouse House as a space entirely dedicated to public entertainment. It was finally launched on the platform February 23, 2021Starr welcomes into its extensive catalog some of the most popular and beloved TV series.

Let’s talk about TV series like Grey’s Anatomy, 24, Buffy l’ammazzavampiri, The X-Files, Lost, I Griffin e Futurama! That’s right, you’ll also find it at Disney + Star All episodes From the animated series that was first broadcast in the United States on Fox since the past March 28, 1999 Up b, e Since 2008 The 2013 Instead of broadcasting on Comedy Central.

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After that, the series was not renewed by the network for the eighth season, so the final episode (140) that had aired on Comedy Central concluded exactly on September 4. 2013.

Through the years Futurama Appointed to 17 Annie Awards, a 12 Emmy AwardsIn 2013, it was also ranked among the 60 best animated TV movies of all time.

Futurama where to see it in Italian

So how do you relive adventures FryThe neglected messenger who accidentally went into hibernation in 1999 and woke up 1,000 years later in a new world? from February 23, 2021 All seasons Futurama Available on stream So Starr on Disney +.

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Very ready to relive the story of all the iconic characters in Futurama? Among them we remember the witch and the brave nightEvil and self-centered robot BenderThe weak and the madman Professor Hubert, Spoiled apprentice Amy, Jamaican accountant Hermes An exotic alien decapod Zuidberg. Not forgetting the incompetent captain Zap BraniganSensitive Alien lieutenant and assistant How The alternative pet Mordecchio.

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