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    Two defense attorneys in the process managing Holy See funds, Cataldo Intrieri and Massimo Passi, attorneys for Vatican official Fabrizio Terrapasi, asked the court to assess the opportunity to hear Pope Francis on what he knew about negotiations with realtor Gianluigi Torzi when buying the Sloane Avenue building in London. This is in light of what happened today in the courtroom of the fourth session, where the other lawyer, Carlo Panela, listened to an excerpt from the interrogation of Monsignor. Alberto Perlasca, noted that the judges challenged witness statements made by the Pope to them.

    The fourth session of the Vatican’s trial for the administration of State Secretariat funds was still reserved for the requests of lawyers, who again objected to the invalidity of the summons for the incompleteness of the documents submitted. The court retained its ruling in the session scheduled for 1/S December. But in the courtroom the lawyer. Carlo Panela, listening to a clip from The Interrogation of Monsignor. Alberto Perlasca, reported that the judges objected to witness statements made by the Pope to them, and added, “there is no record of them.” But deputy Alessandro Didi denied that the Pope had heard.

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