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Fun Response from Todd Howard regarding Starfield PC Optimization – The News Teller

Fun Response from Todd Howard regarding Starfield PC Optimization – The News Teller

Title: Bethesda’s Starfield: PC Optimization, Rave Reviews, and Creative Community

Bethesda’s highly-anticipated game, Starfield, has been making waves since its release, gaining praise for its immersive quests and intriguing characters. However, PC players initially raised concerns about the game’s optimization. In a recent interview, Todd Howard, the development chief at Bethesda, responded to these concerns in his signature humorous style.

The interviewer directly asked Howard why Starfield wasn’t optimized for PC, citing viewers’ inquiries. Surprisingly, Howard’s response was that the game was indeed optimized for PC. He suggested that players experiencing difficulties may need an upgrade to their rigs to fully enjoy the gaming experience. In other words, his message was clear: upgrade your PC if Starfield is running into trouble.

Despite these initial concerns, Starfield has proven to be a hit among PC gamers. The user review rating on Steam is overwhelmingly positive, reflecting a successful launch. Within a short span of time, the game has attracted over 1 million concurrent players—an impressive milestone for any game.

One of the aspects that has captivated players is the ship creator feature, allowing them to recreate famous vessels from beloved franchises such as Star Wars, Serenity, and Star Trek. This creative outlet has ignited the imagination of the Starfield community, showcasing their love for science fiction and the game’s immersive world.

Moreover, Starfield offers hidden references to other popular Bethesda games, including the acclaimed Skyrim. These clever nods have delighted fans, creating a sense of familiarity and nostalgia within the gaming community.

Speedrunners have wasted no time in testing their skills and figuring out the best paths to complete Starfield in record time. Remarkably, some dedicated players have already managed to finish the entire game in under three hours, showcasing their mastery over the game’s mechanics and quests.

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IGN’s review of Starfield lauds its immersive roleplaying quests and interesting Non-Playable Characters (NPCs), despite acknowledging some initial roughness and minor annoyances. For more in-depth information, Wesley Yin-Poole, UK News Editor for IGN, can be contacted.

Overall, Bethesda’s Starfield has marked a successful entry into the gaming world, capturing the imagination of players with its immersive quests, intriguing NPCs, and creative community. Despite initial concerns about PC optimization, the game has swept through the gaming community, earning praise and attracting a dedicated player base. As the Starfield universe continues to expand, fans eagerly await future updates and expansions.

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