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Frontex Tipping Point: Moving away from Hungary. From the knot of reputation to the desire to bow to Budapest on immigrants: what lies behind the choice

  Frontex Tipping Point: Moving away from Hungary.  From the knot of reputation to the desire to bow to Budapest on immigrants: what lies behind the choice

a turning point SurpriseWhich sets a historical precedent: for the first time, FrontexThe European Agency responsible for border control in the Union has ceased operations in one Member state, Hungary. The decision was confirmed in fatto.it From the headquarters Warsaw, Dove Frontex Its based. There was nothing from the agency General communications In this regard, the time period during which the agents will remain outside the country has not been specified.

Instead, the official reason for such an obvious choice is made clear, which stems from Sentence of Court of justice European Union Last December 17th, as it was proven that the Hungarian state did not respect Community lawsPreventing immigrants arriving illegally at its borders from seeking asylum and rejecting them collectively in the neighborhood Serbia.

“Frontex Intends to resume its activities in Hungary “Once the court’s decision is incorporated into national law,” the agency said. Despite its strong legal underpinnings, the move was met with surprise by analysts.

“It comes down to the decision Unpredictable at all, ”says Al fatto.it professor Giuseppe Campesi DellUniversity From BarrySubject matter expert and author of the book.Border Police. Frontex and European Aerospace ProductionThe change of course compared to the past is evident: since 2016, according to reports Fundamental Rights Officer (Internal section L. Frontex Who controls respect for human rights) problems Hungarian immigration policyProfessor explains. “Site Frontex It was always that his agents did not cooperate with the Hungarians and therefore were not responsible for any of them led to inappropriate”.

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Moreover, in other cases of apparent violation of European law, Frontex I continued to collaborate with Member StatesThe most famous episode is the episode Greece, Which in March 2020 suspended the possibility to seek asylum at its borders, which led to clear condemnation beforeUNHCR. after two days, Frontex Mission launched in the country.

“A choice of this kind means a Strongly negative judgment Against the country in question, “he says a farmer. For the expert, among the Reasons That led to the comment there may be will Frontex To improve their image in interval Especially troubled. The agency is actually under investigation beforeEuropean Anti-Fraud Office (Olaf) And details Expenses Little justified Personal In recent years, as a prof buffet From 94 thousand euros.

Especially, Frontex He is in charge, according to an investigation he conducted Bellingcat It was published in various European newspapers, after it was rejected Illegal gatherings, The so-called push back, Along the sea between Turkey H Greece. That’s why her manager, Fabrice LegeriHe ended up in the viewfinder from Libby Commission (Civil liberties) from European Parliament Several MPs asked for his immediate resignation.

At the same time, behind such a drastic decision there may be direct or indirect pressure from commission European. anyway Agency Led by prof Management board Intergovernmental, Made up of representatives of 27 member states commission He has the power to discourage the manager whom the palace hires Berlaymont. Insiders did not miss tweet With the Commissioner for Internal Affairs Elva Johansson, Who commented positively on the news.

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2021 is a crucial year for European immigration policy: commission Hoping to proceed with the negotiations between Countries On the The Immigration Charter, Rules pack to redesign Flow management Addressed to Europe, which also includes Deportation From Immigrants In certain emergency situations.

On this point, the blockade imposed on countries Visegrad, With the ‘Hungary In his opinion, he has already made it clear that he does not intend to make concessions. Work hard symbolic, Such as suspend operations Frontex, It could be a strong signal to fetch it Budapest For more kind advice.

But it indicates danger a farmerIt is precisely an exclusive symbolic act: the government Hungarian Doesn’t need agents Frontex To complement its operations and does not appear to be very interested in an increasingly at-risk reputation in European chancelleries.

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