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“Frontex suspends operations in Greece: it has violated European Union law by participating in the pushbacks”


The Compliance With European law Frontex, AgencyEuropean Union To monitor land and sea borders, it was discredited by a legal team of two people OngAnd the In front of Lex H Legal Center Lesvos, Dutch and Greek.
Lawyers Iftach CohenOmar Schatz E. Anastasia Nataliani Submit an initial request to terminate an activity today Frontex at Greece To the Agency’s Director General, Fabrice Legeri (Photo).

Since 2006 Frontex Active in Greece And in March 2020, upon request AthenaAnother intrusion at sea Aegean Thanks to its ability to coordinate and finance the active participation of other member states of the European Union under its umbrella. over there Greece In March of last year he requested an intervention Frontex A few days after the Turkish president announced, Recep Tayyip ErdoganTo open the Turkish border and allow migrants on their land access toEurope By sea and land. On the same days, Athena was also suspended Asylum Violates European law. Numerous since then rejection Groups By the sea GreeceAnd sometimes with the active help of Frontex, Was widely reported in the international media, especially in October last year by the German weekly woman. The German newspaper rebuilt in some cases ships Frontex Witnessed (push back) That make up a Violating international law And European. Avatch Cohen, A lawyer for the NGO In front of LexWhich today submitted an initial request to suspend operations Frontex at Greece In a preview to Italian media, he explains why and for what purpose Legal action.
Frontex He has duties to Immigrants And the gods Applicants seek refuge: You should not participate in rejection And actions that violate human rights under international and European law as he apparently did in Greece On several occasions. It must also ensure, by all means, that no such violations occur during its activity. “

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According to the regulation Frontex, If it was during Missions There are human rights violations related to the activityEuropean Agency, General Manager, for years Fabrice LegeriThe job must be suspended or terminated. This action was triggered in Hungary A month and a half before Lightweight, But only after he took note of the utterance European Court of Justice Because Appointment Violations In the human rights years along the Hungarian border.

“at Hungary Systematic human rights violations have been recorded since 2016 during the operations Frontex Although, requests sent to Lightweight By the human rights department itself AgencyThe general manager himself refused to comment. Now ask Lightweight To immediately suspend activity in Aegean Sea In line with its obligation under the regulation Frontex. With our request we want to prevent that Lightweight You continue to avoid making that decision and making your own decision liability Just in time before it happened for years on Hungary “.

If Leggeri does not respond to this request, attorney Ong He will contact European Court of Justice. In the meantime Lightweight Officially under investigation by OlafEuropean Anti-Fraud Office, whose office was searched three months ago. to her Resignation It has been requested for several months by many members of the European Parliament. MEP Sierra Rego He stated that “it is very important to the non-governmental organizations In front of Lex H Lesvos legal center Threatened Frontex That will make you in front of you Tennis Court If it does not conclude its duties in the Aegean for human rights violations committed as stipulated in Frontex regulations themselves. “European Union 460 million euros a year.

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