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From the Grand Canyon to Central Park, here are the most popular tourist attractions in the United States

From the Grand Canyon to Central Park, here are the most popular tourist attractions in the United States

November is the month when one of the most popular destinations for those who love to travel is gradually reopening its doors to foreign tourism: the United States of America. While restrictions and controls remain in place to ensure people’s health and safety, this is the ideal time to plan an overseas trip.
here because of Musementis the digital platform for discovering and booking travel experiences around the world and has developed a map to discover the most popular tourist attractions in each of the 50 USA. About 5,000 tourist attractions were considered for the analysis. For each state, the attraction with the most comments on Google was the most popular.
The result is an intriguing insight into every state in North America, and inspiration for planning a trip to states that offer attractions for all tastes and needs.
From north to south, and from coast to coast, the United States has an amazingly rich landscape. Moreover, each country has unique and distinct characteristics and a well-defined cultural background. That is why the tourist offer is so diverse.
It’s no surprise to find that US national parks and outdoor activities are the heroes of the map. From big parks like Grand Canyon National Park (Arizona) to urban oasis central Park (New York), to lesser known natural areas, especially offshore, such as Black Water Falls State Park (West Virginia) or the Gulf Island National Seashore in Mississippi, with its gorgeous beaches.
There are 10 states that have given their preference to parks and amusement parks, and it is one of the most exciting proposals in the country, with settings and attractions that are hard to match. Disney theme parks win in FloridaWalt Disney World(e in california)Disneyland park). But we also find Busch Gardens Williamsburg in Virginia, which is European in style and considered one of the most beautiful theme parks in the world, or Hersheypark in Pennsylvania, dedicated entirely to chocolate.
Zoos and aquariums are also popular attractions, and it’s not hard to see why. At Henry Doorly Zoo (Nebraska), the recreated environments are among the largest in the world, the Georgia Acquarium is one of the largest in the world, and the Oregon Zoo is home to more than twenty rare and endangered species.
Finally, some of the attractions catch the eye for their peculiarities; This is the case of Ark Encounter in Kentucky, a clone of Noah’s Ark, built according to Bible specifications. Or, Fremont Street Experience in Nevada, a typical American entertainment concept, consisting of flashing lights, shows, shows and casinos.
Additional information on 50 tourist attractions: https://blog.musement.com/it/le-attrazioni-piu-popolari-in-usa/
Link to the full infographic: https://blogimages.musement.com/2021/06/Attrazioni-popolari-USA.jpg

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