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    Monticello, April 30, 2023 – From Paolo Nuri, commissioned to open the festival, by historian and writer Benedetta Tobagi; From Beatrice Salvione, who made her debut and at the same time a literary affair with La Malnata, to the journalist and writer Antonio Caparica. And again, to name a few, immunologist Antonella Viola and writers like Paola Cereda, Rosa Teruzzi, and Christina Ricci, all for a women-focused edition.

    Fifteen dates with the authors of the main publishing news of the moment for the IterFestival 2023, the event promoted by the Brianteo Villa Greppi Federation in collaboration with Lo Sciame Libri di Arcore and artistic direction by Martina Garancini and Claudia Frauto. The long-awaited literary event is scheduled to take place from 2 to 27 May, as always, between the various municipalities of the Villa Greppi federation, offering a dense program of meetings.

    Nearly four weeks of conversations with leading and emerging writers for an edition, this year and as expected, “A Woman’s World” was the common thread. “Together with the councilors’ table, for the year 2023 – explains Lucia Urbano, President of the Federation of Villa Grabi – we have chosen women as the leitmotif. We will talk about women, famous and not so, but above all the most diverse topics will be covered – not only literature, but also “History, science, sports, psychology and current affairs – always from a female point of view. I hope – and concludes – that the subject will arouse the curiosity and interest of a male audience.”

    «The universe – so from the festival’s artistic direction – is a collection of planets, stars, galaxies, black holes, unfathomable spaces and energy. It cannot be defined because, after all, we know so little about it that words themselves are not sufficient to contain it. We can’t help but listen, search, and be fascinated by its mystery. Every world is as unique as every woman is unique, as is every story, every perspective, every path. In this version of Iter, we invite the audience to listen to the voices of some women who support half of that sky so beautiful, so mysterious, so formidable, which opens the universe above us, a universe that embraces and enchants, a female universe ».

    All appointments

    This month of the festival opens on the evening of Tuesday, May 2, when the kermis sets out from Corizana in the company of the well-known Italian writer and translator Paolo Nuri. In the center of the meeting—Decision 21, in the multifunctional center—I warn you that I am living for the last time, a book that traces the story of Anna Akhmatova, the heroine of the great novel of Russian literature. Event, this overture, which will be enriched by the musical accompaniment of the cellist Federico Parnanzini.

    And it lasts for three whole days: on May 4 the appointment is in Casago Brianza (Council Chamber, 9 p.m.) with Rosa Teruzzi, mystery writer, well-known face of Quarto Grado and author of Il waltz dei traitori, a new adventure of Libera, the famous detective florist of Giambellino ; On May 5 we arrive in Triuggio (the meeting room, 9 pm), where it is the turn of the meeting with Cristina Ricci and her book Lidia Pöet. the life and battles of the first Italian woman lawyer, pioneer of women’s liberation, the first Italian woman lawyer, pioneer of women’s liberation; On May 6, at Monticello Brianza (The Library, 5 p.m.), Alessandra Selmi presents Beyond the River, a novel that recounts fifty years of Italian history and the vicissitudes of the working village of Crespi Dada.

    A few days after the holiday, on the 10th, we turn to Brzago (Aula Civica, 9 p.m.) with Amanda Colombo and thanks to her, You Are There, our literary debut is a hymn to libraries, a place to start again after dealing with your past. Appointment at Nibionno (Salone dell’Oratorio S. Luigi di Cibrone, 9 p.m.) the next day, where Katia Serra, former footballer for the Italian national team, sports commentator for Rai and author of Una vita in fuorigioco, will host the kronach of the world everyone thinks they know. . On the other hand, women’s resistance will be discussed on May 12 in Missaglia (Monastero della Misericordia, 9 p.m.) thanks to the participation of historian and writer Benedetta Tobagi, author of the book that narrates a chapter of the resistance. Often forgotten and neglected: the commitment of women in the struggle to liberate our country from Nazi fascism. Immunologist and science scientist, Antonella Viola, who rose to fame during the Covid-19 pandemic, has just concluded four very busy days: on May 13 she will be in Sironi (Cineteatro Paruchal, 9pm) to present her latest book, The Way of Balance and Gerontology.

    Then it resumes on May 17 in Vigano (Sala Consiliare, 9 p.m.) with an appointment in the company of Annalisa Monfreda, former manager of Donna Moderna, writer and author of my book to avoid divorce, while on May 19 on the 21, in the Antico Granaio of Villa Greppi in Monticello Brianza It is the turn of Paola Cereda, a psychologist specializing in human rights and international cooperation and author of The Iron Daughter, accompanied here by the music of the accordionist Saro Calande. It is scheduled to take place on Saturday 20 May in Bolciago (Conference Hall S. Chiara di Muzio.

    The final week of the festival includes four more meetings in store: It starts on Wednesday 24th in Barzani (Ada Negri Elementary School, 9pm) in the company of psychologist and life coach Celine Calloney Williams and kintsugi, a Japanese practice that consists of mending broken objects with gold that can Be symbolic of the ability to transform physical and emotional wounds into an opportunity for growth and change. Continues May 25 in Verano Brianza (The Library, 9 p.m.) with Beatrice Salvione and her first novel La Malnata, a literary case published simultaneously across Europe: at the center of the story is the friendship of two teenagers, Francesca and Maddalena, in Fascist Italy. For our penultimate appointment, on the 26th we arrive at Cremilla (John Paul II Parish Hall, 9pm) to meet with Liliana Rambelo, literary critic, essayist and curator on the Austen book. Novels and other writings dedicated to Jane Austen. This event will be enriched by the musical accompaniment of harpsichordist Federica Saynaghi.

    Finally, the closing of the festival will be entrusted to the journalist, author and writer Antonio Caparica, expected to take place on Saturday 27 May at 4.30 pm in Casatinovo (Villa Mariani) for the afternoon showing the background of the English royal family: a journey through years and more events, to discover queens, princesses and kings and the Princes of the United Kingdom (the event will open with an afternoon tea organized by the G. Fumagalli Institute in Casatenovo).

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