From Lake Venice to Loch Ness, travel on a pontoon boat

    From Lake Venice to Loch Ness, travel on a pontoon boat

    a vacation Along the most navigable rivers and canals in Europe, Drto France, Scotland and Italy, to rediscover slow tourism, by following the calm rhythm of the streams. You don’t need licenses or special skills, just one Small craft and tight-knit company To get to know Europe from a new point of view, the one that it offers compoundAnd boats Fully equipped with a kitchen, utensils, appliances, towels and linen, you can live independently and inexpensively for a vacation in comfortable cabins where you can sleep peacefully by the water. Sailing along rivers and canals, you travel in landscapes that change from day to day, freely Determines stages along a chosen flight path. During downtime, yes He descends to visit the towns and villages, to discover the local history, architecture, culture and traditions, to taste the dishes and products typical of the region, but also to enjoy your favorite hobbies and sports or adventure on bike tours. where do I start? There is only an awkward choice among the proposals Le Boat ( leader in the river cruise sector for more than fifty years Self driving On board and present in 9 countries in Europe (France, Holland, Belgium, England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany and Italy) and in Canada, with a fleet of over 900 boats, in 44 different models (capable of accommodating from 2 to 12 people) suitable for every type of guest and budget. The houseboat is very easy to drive, and before leaving, the staff trains the guests so that they can feel confident when driving.

    1 Along the Burgundy canals, a gourmet’s paradise

    there Burgundy Franche-Comté It is one of the most famous French regions for river tourism: it is dotted with big castlesIt boasts a territory of lavish nature with many species of animals (such as kingfishers) living along the canals. The area is also a true foodie heaven, btw famous wine And majors like Snails, truffles and the famous Dijon mustard and typical Meringue pie stuffed with buttercream (Idéal Mâconnais) or, Again gingerbread. Several routes have been proposed along the Saône, the Seille, the Doubs, or the Canal du Rhône au Rhin; and dozens of hamlets and villages that are a must-visit, including the city of flowers dol, grey, Sweet Besançon, Chagny with vGrand Cru ignitionIn addition to the must-see places Medieval city of Dijon and Puneto visitHotel Duea gem of medieval architecture, was built in the 15th century to help the poorest patients.

    2 Canal du Midi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

    It is one of the most famous waterways in the world. long 240 kilometers in the heart of southern FranceThe Garonne River connects the Mediterranean Sea Toulouse and Sete. Built in the 17th century, it connects 328 sites including locks, canals, bridges, and tunnels. One of the most extraordinary feats of engineering Modern era civilization, which was recognized as a UNESCO cultural heritage in 1996. By navigating you can reach the fortified cityCarcassonnelast The global heritage humanity, Among the largest and best preserved medieval cities in Europe. Among others, it is worth noting Minerve, Trebes, Homps, Toulouse, Basilica of San Saturnino and Roman Narbonne. Near the unforgettable passage of Beziers Fonseranes locksconsisting of eight oval-shaped pools on different levels.

    3 Loch Ness, the Caledonian Canal and the Harry Potter train

    The Caledonian Canal is an excellent waterway for a river cruise. You pass many small lakes surrounded by green valleys that run along the Great Glen, a geological fault that shaped the landscape of the area. The highlands are a unique place in the world to relax and reconnect with nature. And with a minimum 4-night cruise, it’s possible to sail in The waters of the legendary Loch Ness… In search of the famous Nessie, the lake monster. Among the visits not to be missed: the historic city of Inverness with its castle, and the ruins of Drumnadrochit Castles in Loch Ness, Fort Augustus, Fort Williams with Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the UK which can also be reached by cable car, Panaphy with Neptune’s Lock Staircase and the famous Jacobiel steam train used in the Harry Potter movie Like the Hogwart Express.

    4 The Magic of Venice and the Lagoon

    It is possible to sail by boat in Veneto and Friuli, along the network of rivers and canals that, Between Chioggia and Gradountil internal. behind Venice There are many pearls to discover in this area, such as the islands of the lagoon (Murano glass, Burano lace, the bell tower of San Giorgio Maggiore, the necropolis of San Michele island and the most beautiful Byzantine church in Torcello); The historic center of Dolo. Chioggia, also known as Little Venice; the Archaeological sites of Concordia Sagittaria and Aquileia; the seedy old village of Marano Lagonari; But also beaches Jesolo and Caorley Where you can enjoy moments of relaxation. The starting or arrival points (but a round trip is also possible) are Precenicco and Casale, where you board or leave the houseboat.


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