From “inappropriate” to “obligatory”. Red wrap on the pads

    From “inappropriate” to “obligatory”.  Red wrap on the pads

    By Ministerial Order of December 28, Health Minister Orazio Schillacci decided to outline the way forward to prevent the return of the Covid emergency. So, come back tampons At the airport for arrivals from China, the masks – Although not mandatory – but highly recommended.

    It was precisely the region of Tuscany that had its say in the development of the virus in China, which only a few days ago, in the words of President Gianni, criticized the Lombardy region, the first country to implement control and prevention rules even without a ministerial decision. Order. Even before the government’s decision, ingatti, in Lombard airports, the smears – although not mandatory – for those arriving from China were directly decided by the region. But Tuscany did not like this step forward at all: “Forward leaks by regions are not appropriate,” commented Gianni, also stressing that “it is never advisable to take a path alone To make yourself beautiful compared to the other.”

    To confirm the thesis also, the health advisor in Tuscany who “unloaded” everything on the government and on unitary provisionsWe expect that there will be homogeneous indicators in these matters for the entire national territory. And those have arrived, as he has turn around President Gianni, who signed the decree placing controls outside the airports of Florence Peretola and Pisa because – now – “the situation must be monitored”.

    But there’s more: Although the swabs are not required by law and should only be taken for passengers arriving from China, a leap forward previously deemed “inappropriate”, now Tuscany is making it. On the one hand, the regional decision to wipe out even those arriving via more than one stopover, as there are no direct flights to Tuscany from China, and on the other hand, absolute Is mandatory swab. “There are those who say that it was possible to intervene with an optional anointing,” explained the governor, “only for statistical and informational purposes. But no, it should be mandatory.”

    Meanwhile, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control also has its say on bringing back restrictions, which consider screening passengers a measure.not justifiedIn fact, the EU agency declared that “European countries have relatively high levels of immunization and vaccination” and that “variants circulating in China are already circulating in the EU.”

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