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From companies to VAT numbers, and how to request a bank transfer within two weeks

From companies to VAT numbers, and how to request a bank transfer within two weeks

Get ready with new questions Refreshments. Applications can be submitted online toRevenue Agency starting from Tuesday 30 March. And there must be around 3 million businesses and VAT numbers that will receive non-reimbursable compensation, or, upon request, equivalent tax credit. On average, they will each receive about 3,700 euros. The agency, led by Ernesto Maria Rovinj, promised to pay the assistance within two weeks of submitting the application, with the completion of the transfer to the indicated current account.

DL Support: Payment rate for bars, gyms, hotels and swimming pools: max 5%


Compared to previous interventions, the measure expanded the audience of potential beneficiaries. On the other hand, the requirements of the Ateco Codes, which excluded various categories of previous refreshment points, were removed. Moreover, compared to the restart decree, the maximum contribution turnover has in fact been doubled, from 5 to 10 million per year.

How to apply

In addition to not exceeding this cap, companies should have suffered an average monthly sales loss in 2020 compared to 2019 of at least 30%. At this stage, they can submit the application online, through the electronic channels of the revenue agency or through the web platform developed by Sogei, which is available in the reserved area of ​​the “invoices and rewards” portal. The application can be sent from March 30th to May 28th, also through an intermediary. In any case, the credentials of Spid, Cie (Electronic Identity Card), Cns (National Service Card), Entratel for Agency will be required.

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Once all checks have been made on the data entered in the application (requirements for loss of business number, tax code and IBAN in the name of the applicant), the agency will inform the approval or rejection, with lots of reasons, from the question. After that, it will only take a few more days for the transfer to appear in the checking account. According to agency estimates, this practice could close in two weeks, so with the first transfers arriving as early as mid-April.


The compensation is divided into 5 bands. Thus it can be equal to 60% of the loss amount for subjects whose revenue reaches 100 thousand euros; 50% for those whose turnover is between 100,000 and 400,000 EUR; 40% between 400,000 and 1 million; 30% between 1 and 5 million; 20% is between 5 and 10.

However, a minimum contribution of € 1,000 is guaranteed for individuals and € 2,000 for individuals other than individuals. The amount of the recognized contribution cannot in any case exceed 150,000 euros.

Once the transfer is made, the agency will be able to conduct further checks afterwardUsing electronic invoice data. In the event of unnecessary assistance, the request for repayment will be initiated with penalties and a report submitted to Guardia di Finanza.


But there is little disappointment among companies that have lost more than 30% of their average monthly return in 2020 than that recorded in 2019 and will receive non-refundable contributions. According to Mestre CGIA data, the aid will cover between 1.6 and 5% of the losses incurred last year. If the help is so small for businesses that make a lot of money, then things are a little better for the little ones. Some examples: For a bar whose turnover in 2019 reached 90,000 euros and lost 50% of its sales last year, the amount that would be recognized under the support decree would be 2,250 euros, roughly 5% of the revenue loss. A travel agency that in 2019 recorded a turnover of 200,000 euros and in the following year suffered an 80% decrease in business volume, it would receive 6,667 euros in compensation, equivalent to 4.2% of the loss in business volume. A hotel whose sales in 2019 reached 500,000 euros and in 2020 saw the same 60% decline, will receive 10,000 euros, equivalent to 3.3% of losses. A swimming pool or gym with a turnover of 2 million euros, which is 75% lower than the same figure in 2020, will “bring” 37,500 euros into the home. This figure amounts to 2.5% of the loss incurred. Finally, a textile company with a turnover of 7 million euros in 2019 and a loss of 35% in 2020 will be awarded a compensation of 40,833 euros. The latter amount would cover 1.6% of losses.

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