From Brody to the Five Stars, those red “Trojans” that support the Beijing regime

    From Brody to the Five Stars, those red

    China is close. To the Democratic Party and five-star. There are not only relations between Beijing and Enrico Letta. The United States regards Luigi Di Maio as one of the Trojans Xi Jinping (many) in Europe, as noted in an official document on China for the US Congress dated December 2020, which sets out the Secretary of State “clearly to favor China” over COVID and the Silk Road (“Great opportunity for our companies”). “).

    Not to mention the (unsuccessful) blitzkrieg by the government of Giuseppe Conte on 5G technology, under pressure from Beppe Grillo, which grillini wanted to give to Huawei, which 007 phones considered the great ear of the Chinese regime. The management of the Covid-19 epidemic also raises questions with Conte himself and Health Minister Roberto Speranza, who on November 8, 2019 signed with his Chinese counterpart the “Program for the Implementation of the 2019-2021 Action Plan on Health Cooperation” between Italy and China. On February 15, with the virus now at home, Italy donated sixteen tons of medical and health items for personal protection to Beijing, including masks, overalls, goggles, gloves and thermometers. Why deprive yourself of it? In the Minister’s unpublished book Why We Will Heal (sic) on page 28 we read: “On December 31, the authorities (Chinese, editor) reported to the World Health Organization several cases of a pneumonia-like illness, in the province of Wuhan. Rumors of new virus outbreaks in that province were circulating throughout the month.” But the official news before December 31, no one had ever found it. Who gave them hope? And again: “On November 7 I hosted the Minister of Health of the Chinese government, Ma Xiaowei, at Rome. (…) He did not seem to me to have special concerns about his country.” Should? However, in the first casualties in Lombardy, neither Speranza nor Conte immediately closed the red zone between Alzano and Nembero, a mistake that prosecutors investigated in Bergamo, so much so that for Europe, Italy with nearly 180,000 deaths without justice was the group that afflicted the Old Continent.

    Then there is Romano Prodi, who has always been the official sponsor of China with his longtime partner Giancarlo Elia Valori: “The only place in the West where the Chinese have great social influence is Italy,” assures American political scientist Edward Luttwak. According to Chinese propaganda, “You can count on people like Prodi, who sells millions of books in China, Elia Valori, the former Minister of Economy of Count Giovanni Tria even Massimo D’Alema, all of whom go to television to praise China.”

    Yes, D’Alema. The Beijing Silk Road Cities Alliance, of which he is honorary president (along with Zhang Wenkang, the Chinese health minister who was removed in 2003 for concealing the first SARS epidemic) has been linked to the scandal of non-compliant Chinese fans, which has been sold off to civil society. Protection is in full epidemic, as prosecutors’ headlights lit up, as well as on Chinese masks that Dalemian Domenico Arcuri successfully cleared of customs as an extraordinary commissioner of the Covid emergency after being paid too much.

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