From Australia to Argentina, and from New Zealand to Peru, the Wine Women sign an alliance agreement

    From Australia to Argentina, and from New Zealand to Peru, the Wine Women sign an alliance agreement

    It is a five-point alliance agreement that he adheres to 11 women’s wine associations in the world To promote travel and training experiences for others, to transform the Italian Women of Wine Festival into a global event, to organize exchangeable tastings and to transmit information in order to increase relations between members of different countries and knowledge of markets.

    It was signed today She hosted the 2nd World Congress of Women of Wine in Semi MilanoOenology machinery exhibition. Italian Wine Women, led by Chief Donatella Cinelli Colombinias leader: «With 1,018 members, Le Donne del Vino is the largest and most active women’s oenology association internationally – comments the president – In an increasingly divided world, women show how it is possible to collaborate by capitalizing on what unites: the desire for professional improvement, the elimination of Gender inequality and the promotion of wine culture ».

    The other participants were Amuva – Argentina, The Fabulous Ladies’ Wine Society – Australia, 11 Frauen und ihre Weine – Austria, Chile, Wow – Croatia, Femmes de Vin – France, Baia’s Wine – Georgia, Vinissima – Germany, Women in Wine – New Zealand, Las Damas del Pisco – Peru.

    The first result came spontaneously: Corinna Wright Named Enologist of the Year 2022 by the Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology, ASVO visited the cellars of Donne del Vino della Campania bringing classic Australian-produced Fiano and Falanghina method to compare with original ones at a tasting organized by Valentina Carbutto. After Symi, Peruvians will visit the cellars of the Donne del Vino del Piemonte while Chileans prepare for a winery tour between Veneto and Lazio.

    A wonderful trip to the provinces of Brescia and Verona has been organized for all the foreign delegates participating in the Forum to deepen their knowledge of the nomenclature of Lugana and the Turbiana vine through tastings and guided tours in Cellars of Ca Lojera by Ambra Tiraboschi, Perla del Garda by Giovanna Prandini, Olivini by Giordana Olivini.

    The second Women in Wine Forum culminated in the conference “Wine Scenario: Developments and Prospects”.

    The talks were moderated by Alessandra Fede, wine educator. Interesting contributions from Carlos Santos CEO Amorim Cork Italy, Eugenio Bomarici Professor at the University of Padua, Giuseppe Vista, from the University of Salerno. Roberta Garibaldi, CEO of Enit, sent her video contribution with tributes and consideration on the health status of wine tourism.

    In the afternoon entitled Forum «Women, wine, the future», Theme of the year for the Italian Society, and conducted by Susan Branceforte, Wine Consultant. President Cinelli Colombini presented the projects implemented by the National Association of Wine Women and Partnership agreements Which will connect 11 women’s oenology associations in the world in the future. Then Antonieta Mazzio, Roberta Urso and Roberta Laniro presented the D-Vino project on teaching wine in hotel and tourism institutes.

    It was the turn of the foreign delegations who explained their activities, explaining the post-Covid situation in their country with specific reference to the wine sector.

    At the end, the partnership agreement and a group photo were signed to seal an important moment in wine history. It’s almost a milestone on the road to achieving gender equality that uses participation to increase women’s skills and opportunities.

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