Home entertainment Friday calendar July 21, 2023

Friday calendar July 21, 2023

Friday calendar July 21, 2023
Saints of the day San Lorenzo da Brindisi (priest and doctor of the church)
Saint Daniel (the Prophet)

Sant’Alberico Crescitelli (evangelist, martyr)
Saint Arbogastus (Bishop)
Santa Prassed of Rome (Virgin and Martyr) That happened today 1946 – First win on the ticket (77 years ago): Two months after the appearance of the legendary sisal coupon in bars, Emilio Blasetti, writer by profession, guesses 12 lucky ones who carry in their pockets an enviable amount … 1960 – First woman to step foot for the first time (63 years ago): Sirimavo Bandaranaike, a hard-to-pronounce Sri Lankan politician, is the first woman in history to hold the post of Prime Minister of a country. At 44… He was born on this day 1951 – Robin Williams (72 years ago): His performances on set are always super intense, both when he moves and when he smiles. An American from Chicago, he began his career as an actor in theater, with… 1899 – Ernest Hemingway (124 years ago): His life was so adventurous and full of ups and downs that he made it into a novel for his books, some of which have become classics of world literature. Born in Ok… 1948 – Pepe Grillo (75 years ago): After being a champion of small screen entertainment for ten years, he took on the role of activist and political leader and with his movement disrupted… Born … athlete 1955 – Marcelo Bielsa (68 years ago): Born in Rosario (Argentina), the former footballer is now the coach of, among others, Espanyol, Argentina (for which he won the gold medal at the 2004 Athens Olympics), Chile and Athletic Bilbao, which… sporting events 2002 – Schumacher wins his fifth Formula 1 world title (21 years ago): The World Championship began on March 3 with the Australian Grand Prix and will end with the Japanese Grand Prix on October 13, the 17th race of the Formula 1 season. The driver… 1927 – Penda wins her first cycling world championship (96 years ago): In Adenau, Germany, Alfredo Binda won the first professional road cycling world championship, crossing the finish line first and alone after 6h37’29”. The podium… Google Doodles Belgium National Day: After the Belgian Revolution, Belgium separated from the United Kingdom of the Netherlands and became self-governing. On July 21, 1831, King Leopold I was crowned, the date that would become … Reading corner 2013 – “The Awakening” by Oliver Sacks (10 years ago): In the 1920s, there was a serious epidemic of lethargic encephalitis. Most of the few survivors, sooner or later, are subsequently affected by the so-called postencephalic Parkinson’s, and …
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