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“Free Vaccine…”. Another Rubio disaster


Gabriel Roubini in art blond chef, made social provocations her business card. His quarrels with figures well known to the general public and his often questionable stances are known, such as those against Striscia la Notizia reporter Vittorio Brumotti. Recently, the former fatty surveyor was noted for his stance against green lane But above all for a tweet calling for the free vaccine.

I think the vaccine as well as the swabs should be too Free In a democracy you squander public money in nonsense and protect the few by magically pretending to care about the citizensChef Rubio Books. “There is no escape from a torrent of letters and comments from those who remind him that the vaccine in Italy is indeed free and that in our country, as in any other part of the world, its administration is not conditional on the payment of a different fee amount is the utterance of tampons, which in most cases You pay, but vaccines don’t.

Therefore, Chef Rubio in his tweet criticized the Green Passage, specifying it “Unconstitutional, undemocratic and inclined toracismThe tones are always the same, furious for dominating his catchment area and provoking the reactions of those who don’t think like him. Even those trying to start a civil discussion, and showing their point without extremes, come attacked by Chef Rubio.”Why is it undemocratic? If someone hits me while I’m at the movies because they didn’t want to get vaccinated, that’s a Democrat, isn’t it?One user wrote.

Indeed a very weak argument, given that it is now known that currently available vaccines do not have a sterilizing ability. But it was presented politely, in contrast to Chef Rubio’s answer: “Think of… with a condom over there gonorrhea Shall we keep your finger…In a subsequent series of tweets, Gabriel Roubini reiterated his concept by stirring up the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which is his true obsession on social media. Additionally, he hypothesized a scenario that could happen, in his fantasies, among the youngsters in Taken by the Green Passage. Always with the usual sensitivity: “I wonder how this thing from #greenpass will affect kids and beginners. Hello. Hello. QR Green Code? Yes, let me see. l ‘. Not c…, symbol. Ah there he is. it’s the truth? Yes, what if it is fake? Stocazzo fake. Well, I trust you. Then? So lick it. End“.

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