Home sport Francisco Lindor’s contract with the Mets could take a while

Francisco Lindor’s contract with the Mets could take a while

Francisco Lindor's contract with the Mets could take a while

The Mets shook the world of baseball and impressed their fans with the Acquisition of All-Star Stop Francesco Lindor and Firing of Archer Carlos Carrasco Hackers from Indians versus Andres Jimenez, Amed Rosario, and junior leagues Isaiah Greene and Josh Wolf. The Earth Shake deal raised many questions. You have come to the right place for answers.

Q: We all know Lindor can become a free agent after this season. What is the long-term probability that Mets sign him before playing in their regular season match?

A: At this juncture, I’ll handicap it by less than 50 percent. Maybe Lindor would like to see how he enjoys life as a museum before committing to it, and only that would change a seismic show from the Mets.

Q: What is the seismic width?

A: Something that beats a $ 300 million 10-year package that Manny Macahdo (right) landed with Padres in February 2019. Machado made it to the package that entered his 26-year season. Lindor will enter his 28-year-old season in 2022. As a side note, for reasons of luxury taxation, he predicted Lindor and Mets would slash his 2021 paycheck (the stadium estimate is $ 20 million) before working on a potential big deal.

Francisco Lindor
Francisco Lindor throws first
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Q: Well, the Mets just gave up two short stops in the league in favor of Lindor, so that would be a total failure if they didn’t keep it, right?

A: Not necessarily. Remember, next year’s free worker crop features a striking set of short stops, themed Javier Baez from the Cubs, Astros ‘Carlos Correa and Dodgers’ Corey Seager plus Lindor. Moreover, young Rooney Mauricio is still one of the Mets’ best players. Mets Chairman Sandy Alderson (far left) said during Thursday’s press conference that the team could recover a compensation draft next winter if Lindor were to head elsewhere, although this is not a guarantee given that a new basic agreement must be negotiated in the winter. Next.

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Q: Lindor seems to be one of the best players in the game. Are there any potential weaknesses that we should be aware of?

A: Here’s an interesting data point: Lindor has struggled a lot with runners in the scoring center over the past two years. He posted a .202 / .295 / .312 slash with RISP in 2019 and .167 / .288 / .300 last season.

Q: Yes. How does this trade affect the composition of the Mets region?

A: Lindor’s arrival obviously eliminates any competition for the short stopping point and places an even greater burden on J.D. Davis (right) to succeed in third base while Jeff McConnell is patrolling second base. Luis Guillorme can now have more actors without people getting in the way.

Q: What about The arrival of Carrasco? Does this mean that Mets have finished shopping to start promoting?

A: In the luxurious aisle, yes. The Mets now have a rotation at the start featuring Ace Jacob DeGrum followed by Marcus Strowman, Carrasco, David Peterson and Stephen Matz plus Seth Logo, who can either keep the gig he got back in the middle of last season or head back to the Bulls game.

Q: Is it ironic that Alderson traded Green Wolf, two of Brodie Van Wagenen’s top picks, in a world-famous deal nearly two years after Van Wagnenen traded with Jarred Kelenic and Justin Dunn, two of Alderson’s top picks (to Seattle) By Robinson Cano and Edwin Diaz), in a trade that has been criticized worldwide?

A: I’m not sure if this is described as a technical definition of “sarcasm,” but it is a thing, okay.

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