France 2022 elections Poll: Macron leads Le Pen by 10 points

    France 2022 elections Poll: Macron leads Le Pen by 10 points

    President Emmanuel Macron climbed one point in the daily poll in Le Parisien, which today indicates 55% against 44.5% of Marine Le Pen, leader of the far-right National Rally party, his opponent in the presidential run-off. 2022 in France.

    Today, Macron told a crowd of his supporters in Marseille that the April 24 vote would be the “choice of civilization,” presenting the second round as a “referendum” between two opposing opinions: “For or against the European Union, for or against the environment, for or against youth, for or against the Republic. Then he explained, “I don’t want to do another five years, I want re-establishment, I want five years of full renewal.” Macron sent the French to build together a “new ambition” to “answer all anger and fear”. In the face of her opponent’s intentions against immigrants who want to ban headscarves in all public places, she stressed her desire to “tear down walls and barriers.”

    “This is our destiny – he said – we are an open country. We are made up of thousands of years of immigration and integration. This is French pride” and not a “Great Secession”. Macron has also insisted a lot on his environmental commitment in favor of the Paris Accords. “The unregulated climate is already starting to affect us, and we can’t wait any longer,” he said. Then he stressed the importance of the choice between him and Marine Le Pen: “Do not give in to fear, ‘of what is needed’, to the relativity of those who say that ‘everything is equal’.”

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