Fourth defeat for the Blues – OA Sport

    Fourth defeat for the Blues – OA Sport

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    16:54 Our direct text from Italy and the US ends here. see you tomorrow. Thank you for following the meeting in our company. To all OA Sport friends and readers, have a good evening.

    16:53 The rest that will be used to restore the necessary psychophysical energies in light of the last two crucial round-robin matches.

    16:53 It’s a real shame, especially if you consider at the beginning of the match that the Italian team suffered a lot from the opponent’s tactics. The Blues will finally be able to rest for several hours, days after their periods.

    16:51 The round robin, which is complicated by this defeat. Tomorrow, the Azzurri will play against Norway and Sweden, two teams that, like ours, are fighting for access to the playoffs. The race to the elimination stage in which the United States also falls by force.

    End of the game: USA 9 – Italy 7

    16:48 Pity. The last blue shot was very wide…the 10th end was closed by two points from the United States. It ends at 9-7.

    16:47 Here comes the excellent answer from the American skip… Tension is running high. Konstantini will try to repeat the shot made earlier, and then we have to hope for a mistake.

    16:46 Stefania’s shot is perfect. The point is now light blue. Peterson’s turn.

    16:44 Last two shows. There is an American point stone, but the Italians fielded another guard again.

    16:43 Zardini Lacidelli and Romy put two guards to cover the house. 4 shots left for each team.

    16:42 The Azores brought back the game, which looked threatening after a few ends. It would be a real joke if I lost it…

    16:40 The final and decisive finish has begun. The Americans have the advantage of getting the last available opportunity in the match.

    16:36 Shorts! Peterson’s promotion is short. There is a tie for Italy at the end of the ninth inning. All played in the tenth hand.

    16:34 Constantini’s last shot is perfect, causing the stone on the edge of the center of the house to bend right over. There are two types of Italian point stones. Tough task for Peterson.

    16:31 Good play by Tessie, who opened a dense net of stones inside the center of the house. Constantini did well too, slipping another bluestone between two opponents. The last shots of this crucial eighth finale.

    16:28 Peterson and his comrades decided to take out the Blue Ranger.

    16:27 It’s a complicated situation. US timeout.

    16:26 A house full of rocks When each team has three shots left. There are two Italian stones in stitch now. We remind you that Americans will have the last available presentation.

    16:24 Giulia Zardini Lacchidelli sets the goalie high, with Angela Romy playing stone in the middle of the house.

    16:22 The ninth end begins. The Italian team must steal two more hands from one point so that they can at least make it to an extra end.

    16:19 Stolen hand! Loss of concentration in the Americans who are unable to eliminate the blue stone at the point. Let’s bite off another little length. With two ends remaining, the USA leads 7-5.

    16:16 A couple of drools from Thiesse, who failed the double fiasco. Two shots from the end of the eighth tip. There are two Italian chambers in the point.

    16:15 The currently limited USA team rejects all Italian stones entering the house.

    16:13 Americans who will have the last available pitch.

    16:11 The eighth ending begins. We need a little help from the Americans to reopen this match.

    16:07 A strange choice for the Azzurri, who, after a long parliamentary session, decided to impose a very difficult double throw with support on the cornerstone, which failed. Only a small point for Italy, which takes them to 4-7 with three ends remaining.

    16:04 Peterson manages to remove an Italian stone from the scoring area. We need Constantinople magic.

    16:01 Stefania Constantini’s first pitch was perfect, evading the bouncers and setting up the second stone on a point for Italy. Let’s see how Peterson responds.

    15:58 The last two pitches. There is a bluestone at the point, but three other American stones are at home.

    15:55 Slightly mutilated by Tessie, who hits the guard and fails to refuse. It’s time to take advantage of it.

    15:53 ​​Four layers at the end. Americans continue to play cat and mouse with the Blues. Constantine and his comrades are unable to open a glimmer useful to build more than one point.

    15:49 The seventh end. Now or never. You must score two or more points to return to the game.

    15:45 The Blues are also forced to defend themselves in this sixth over. The conditions for hand theft were not created, and then one point would have to be conceded to the Americans. The United States leads 7-3 with four ends remaining.

    15:42 Lou Deserto opens the game indoors. However, this situation does not bode well when two shots are missed.

    15:39 The Americans who took out the Italian guards, but Marta Lo Dicherto puts another guard right away.

    15:37 Five shots per team at the end of the hand. Blue who places two guards and tries to shuffle.

    15:34 The game resumes. Sixth, the Americans will have the last chance.

    15:28 A little break. I’ll see you later!

    15:24 Robinson defends well, conceding only one point to the Blues. At the end of the fifth game, Italy is chasing 6-3.

    15:20 Marta’s second play is more effective, as she manages to open the game up. There were only two shots left until the end of the first half.

    15:19 A huge mistake made by Marta Lo Dicherto, who hits the guard without leaning on the opposite stones in the house.

    15:16 Four shots at the conclusion of the fifth end. New hard mode. There are two American Stones in place at this juncture.

    15:12 Once again the Americans go straight home filling the center.

    15:09 Fifth end. Italy will be able to exploit the last stone in hand.

    15:06 And instead two more points arrived… Tabitha Peterson is not wrong. The USA leads 6-2 after four ends. We clearly need a Blues finish to reopen the game.

    15:03 Americans who can calmly reject blue stones after a hit and a roll. The last shot… Stefania has to invent something to avoid receiving 2 points again.

    14:59 Americans who are still more than perfect tactically. Three shots at the end of the fourth end and there are three American stones inside with no possibility of a double miss.

    14:57 Excellent hitting and dribbling by Angela Romy. We all need to upgrade our gameplay.

    14:55 The fourth end. Americans have the last stone available again.

    14:51 Yes! The first two points arrive in Italy, thanks to two perfect shots by Constantine, good at breaking up the canvas of Tabitha Peterson. Italy 2 USA 4 after three finishes.

    14:48 Finally an excellent play by Constantini, who puts up the so-called promotion, rejecting his own stone, which then robs the USA team of a point. The last shot of this third party is missing.

    14:45 The last two pitches. The situation at home has not completely changed.

    14:43 Together with Marta Lo Deserto, we eliminate the American guard.

    14:41 It’s already time in Italy. A delicate situation also in this third end, with the house packed with American stone…

    14:38 Same pattern as the second hand. Americans use the blues with the first 4 notes. Confused Italians…

    14:36 ​​Third end. The Azzurri will once again have the last available pitch.

    14:33 Impossible. Stefania can’t save her hand, in the end the Americans played it well. Here comes the stolen hand. USA 4 Italy 0 after two ends.

    14:30 Constantini’s play is incomplete, as the Italian stone could not get between the two opponents, but remove one of them from the scoring zone.

    14:27 The Azzurri tries to open the match by removing the American goalkeeper. There are two shots left for each team and there are two stones on point for the USA.

    14:26 Instead, Lo Deserto’s foul arrived. Marta has to react after she starts forgetting.

    14:25 The new US Guard is short. There is room for failure.

    14:22 One guard on each side after three shots. There are no stones in the house, unfortunately the rummy swing did not stay in the scoring area.

    14:20 Second end. Italy will play the last shot. We must respond immediately.

    14:17 The game that starts in the worst way. In fact, three points immediately reach the United States. Lo Deserto’s ballroom dance was crucial, opening the doors to the Stars and Stripes trio. USA 3 Italy 0 after the first end.

    14:14 The failure of the double refusal of Constantinople. Tricky situation, with a US stone to point, but still two shots available for Team USA.

    14:12 Smooth by Lo Deserto…we didn’t need it. The first ending goes badly.

    14:10 Hit and roll by Romy and Lou Deserto. Americans cling to this point by rejecting every Italian stone.

    14:08 A tall guard for the USA, who neatly rejected a stone that Angela Romy had placed in the house.

    14:06 The first ending is in progress. The United States will have the last stone at its disposal.

    Start the meeting

    14:04 Player offers have ended. we are here. Italy and the United States can begin!

    14:01 The following matches are also scheduled simultaneously with Italy and the United States: Canada, Japan, Scotland, New Zealand, Denmark and Turkey.

    13:58 The honorary line-up for Italy is highly confirmed, thus lining up between Stefania Constantini (Skip), Giulia Zardini, Lacidelli, Angela Romi and Marta Lo Deserto.

    13:54 We’re getting close to starting this important challenge. USA who will appear on the ice with Tabitha Peterson (Skip), Corey Theis, Becca Hamilton, and Tara Peterson.

    13:50 The Swedish landowner beat Scotland 9-6, reaching the blue team in second place with the same result as Canada (6 wins – 3 defeats).

    13:47 The morning game that smiled at the Italian team. Switzerland, who qualified for the knockout rounds for the first time, defeated Norway. On the other hand, the setbacks of Germany and South Korea were surprising, as they were defeated by Turkey and Japan, respectively.

    13:43 Good evening and welcome back to the live broadcast written by Italy and the United States. The Blues are looking for a victory that will bring them closer to the ambitious goal of the playoffs.

    Good morning and welcome Live broadcast text from Italy and the USA, the tenth round of the first round of the 2023 Women’s Curling World Cup. The Blues continue to dream of a place in the playoffs after yesterday’s good victory over Japan. Then came the defeat by the Swiss battleship in the evening, a result which, however, did not dampen Italy’s hopes.

    Stefania Constantini, Giulia Zardini Lacedelli, Angela Romi and Marta Lo Deserto, will face the USA on the way in search of victory No. 7, which would bring them closer to the coveted goal of the knockout stage. We’ll need the usual attention along with judicious geometries to get us through.

    The challenge between Italy and the United States will start at 14.00. It will be possible to follow the event in the live broadcast on the Curling channel. OA Sport will provide you with a live scripted broadcast of the end of the match. Enjoy and go blue!

    Photo: La Presse

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