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Four types of quarantine: What changes for someone who gets infected at school

Four types of quarantine: What changes for someone who gets infected at school

The school is preparing for a huge return in attendance and “studies”, all to the smallest detail: four different types of forty To connect with active learning and distance learning in blended mode has also extended to middle schools.

The four isolation units: here are the new rules

Even if there was a vaccine unlike last year and 90% of school staff were already vaccinated, the variants of Covid do not rule out and the risk of an outbreak is always around the corner. That’s why he thought Distinguish The type of quarantine based on the situation in which any pupil or teacher may be found. The first two cases, ‘soft’, expect only 7 days of isolation (instead of 10, but only if you have been vaccinated) at the end of which a partial swab with a negative result is necessary in order to re-enter the class. On the other hand, ten days is the limit left for unvaccinated people who will take the test between the tenth day and the fourteenth day from the last contact with the positive case.

What happens with a beta variable?

Besides these two types, the longer ones also remain in effect: Quarantine 14 or 21 days. It will be possible to return to class without taking any swabs but only after a full two weeks of isolation if there are no symptoms of Covid and if one of the suspected or confirmed (former South African) beta variants is not. In fact, in this case, a tampon is still needed after 10 days to carry out tracing and identify potential people who have contacted affirmatively. Finally, as mentioned, isolation for 21 days also remains valid for positive but asymptomatic cases for at least 7 days: this mode is also not allowed if it is a beta variant, since a negative molecular test is always required. “This year we have 4 different quarantine methods related to vaccination and variants. In high school, there are many children who have already been vaccinated, so the quarantine for them will last lessCristina Costarelli, Principal of Newton High School and President of the National Association of School Principals in Lazio, explains, in messenger.

How is the school organization changing?

During the year that is about to begin, vaccinated teachers will be quarantined for 7 days while among students, from grade seven onwards,There will be children who have been vaccinated who will come back after 7 days and children who will not be able to return until after 10 days. until education a distance: afterActivated quarantine classes, after 7 days he will mix with children in presence and children from afar.Valeria Centelli, Dean of the Francesca Morfilo Comprehensive Institute in Rome explains. In this case, we will return to the situation of the mixed father that marked last year’s lessons in high school classes, where attendance was conditioned by a different percentage from time to time and not a bit of an inconvenience.

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This year too, there will be in all school buildings Classroom Covid To isolate a suspected positive case: If a student or teacher feels ill during the morning, and shows suspicious symptoms such as fever or cold, he will be taken to a designated place and sent home as soon as possible. You will only be able to return with a medical certificate. On the other hand, if it is positive, then quarantine of close contacts including classmates will be activated.

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