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Fortnite, the skins that could arrive this season: There are so many!


During Fortnite Season 7, there are many new skins that can be released. Here are all the hypotheses

It is an electronic game
Here are all the skins that could hit Fortnite in the near future (screenshot)

The Season 7 of Fortnite It started a few weeks ago, but it’s already time to think about the many innovations that will arrive in the near future. Obviously we’re talking about luxury partnerships, exclusive events, and Many skins never seen before (or variants of those that already exist). Assumptions are currently different, even if it’s Epic Games She hasn’t expressed herself yet.

“analyzing” The method of work From the software house of years past, it is still possible Make some initial assumptions In some news that fans can welcome In the coming weeks.

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Fortnite, which skins could arrive very soon

It is an electronic game
Between the deluxe collaboration and new exclusive events, there will be some good ones (screenshot)

Let’s start with certainty: loki Officially a feature It is an electronic game. with the July Crew PackageIn fact, the god of deception has his own skin. But this is just one of the many innovations that will appear in the future. The first premise is to see others Superheroes from DC Comics or Marvel. Suffice it to say that the final chapter of a dedicated comic is coming out soon, with unreleased characters that have never been seen before. When talking about other partnerships, great importance is given to the world sport. In a few weeks nba season, With the Phoenix Suns team that will compete with the Milwaukee Bucks or the Atlanta Hawks. Kind of can not be ruled out Celebrating the complexion of heroes.

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There was also a lot of discussion about amazing hollywood actors Ready to debut in the game island. Do you remember the rumors about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson? Maybe it’s finally time.

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