Formula 1, Red Bull is always at Ferrari’s level, with the exception of Australia. And with weight loss… – OA Sport

     Formula 1, Red Bull is always at Ferrari's level, with the exception of Australia.  And with weight loss… - OA Sport

    Ferrari vs Red Bull, the fourth chapter. The new challenge stage between Prancing Horse and Milton Keynes will be Imolawhere tomorrow Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix. So far, Al Rossa has won twice by knockout (Bahrain and Australia), while Drink Team Won points on one occasion (Saudi Arabia). How will it end up with what can be defined as the main course of the galloping horse?

    If we take a look at Sprint today, it will be tasked with it Red Bull there favorite palm. After all, Max Verstappen won, while Sergio Perez took third place. On the other hand, Ferrari was satisfied with second place for Charles Leclerc and fourth for Carlos Sainz, author of good recovery, however, showing how F1-75 is finest For all other competitors, except for the RB18.

    It says the constructors’ championship 116 to 69 In favor of the running horse, but the gap is primarily due to reliability issues that plagued the car born of Adrian Newey’s mind. If we look at pure performancewe find a great file Equilibrium between the two cars. Sakhir and Jeddah were the two tracks where the two teams challenged each other with the sword, proving that they were nearly equal. In Bahrain, the Reds had something more, while in Saudi Arabia the balance of power was reversed.

    Formula 1 Laurent Mékes: “Today we suffer from grief, tomorrow will be a strategic race”

    Act except for Australia, a theoretically favorable path for Red Bull. But engineers Max Verstappen, Sergio Perez and Milton Keynes couldn’t find the right setup. running with a Set up Far from ideal, the RB18s produced extremely annoying granulation On Pirelli, no trace was seen on the tires Ferrari had installed. That was the big difference in performance in Melbourne The ability to organize In the best auto way.

    In Imola, however, the enigma Set up It doesn’t seem to be plagued by Red Bull. Moreover, we must remember how to Drink Team They upgrade their car, they work hard to take it off 7 kilograms. Less weight means, trivially, the ability to be faster. So broken balance? We should expect one RB18 is more competitive than F1-75 Sunday too? Too early to callAmericans will say. There are too few items to judge by and it’s too early to jump to conclusions.

    Certainly so far, except for Australia, Equality prevailed in values. However, in Milton Keynes they have already revised and corrected the car, which is an indication of how much they fear the Scuderia di Maranello, which instead operates in a different, quieter and logical way. Tomorrow evening, we may, perhaps, have clearer ideas of the new(?) power relations. Condition is a must. After all, the rain factor can blow cards and leave everyone in a state of doubt, at least until you love Me.

    Photo: La Presse

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