Formula 1, Red Bull in Miami with a special livery: There are the colors of the Miami Heat

    Formula 1, Red Bull in Miami with a special livery: There are the colors of the Miami Heat

    Ruthless continues 2023 Formula 1 World Championship. The fifth round of the season will be in You used to love me In the arena located inside Miami Gardens, near Hard Rock Stadium, the Miami Dolphins are home to an American football team with long traditions.

    there Red Bull I decided to race in the US with A.J A special livery chosen by the fansParticularly from a fan: Martina Adriano, an Argentine fan. The two symbolic colors of Florida’s rising city, blue and fuchsia, are exploited, a legacy from the ’80s that has returned to vogue for a few years thanks to the Miami Heat.

    The basis for the livery and bodywork It stays as always. What changes, at least in part, aspects. From the left front wing to the rear wing there are two stripes, one blue and the other fuchsia, that intertwine starting at the frontal appendage and ending at the rear.

    This is the livery The first of a special series: For every 2023 race held in the US, Milton Keynes will wear a different kit created by one of their fans through the Make Your Mark initiative. That for Miami will be the seventh special livery in Red Bull’s history during its 19 years of presence in Formula 1.

    This is the Red Bull livery:

    Photo: La Presse

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