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Formula 1 | After cleaning up Silverstone, Vettel went to the garbage disposal in Grundon

Formula 1

After cleaning the Silverstone plant and even before it became a testament to bee protection, Aston Martin driver Sebastian Vettel went to Grundon, to the company headquarters responsible for cleaning and managing the circle’s waste. Vettel has seen how all kinds of waste are disposed of, including those of Lakeside Energy From Waste incineration of non-recycled materials:

“After the waste collection, it was important for me to understand the next stage as well. That’s why I went to this big factory. Great opportunity to see a huge factory, one of the biggest in the UK. I learned more about the processes of waste collection. Recycling and burning of waste that We produce them. This visit taught me that we need to reduce the waste we produce. And we all have to make changes. Do our part. It’s better to buy products in compostable packaging rather than plastic. It doesn’t have to be the first resource.”

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