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    On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, a research conducted in the USA identified the brands most “suitable” to experience love stories and in particular the lovers’ favorite cars. The method chosen for the evaluation was simple: being a US-specific survey, the researchers started from evaluating Hollywood-produced romantic films and collected vehicle data in the films.
    “In the spirit of International Valentine’s Day – explain the survey authors – we examined 1,143 models featured in 50 popular love movies to reveal the most romantic cars.” In the first place, surprisingly (but not so much given the brand’s reach in the US) that Ford put two of its models in the first two places.
    The typical American limousine, the Lincoln Town Car, is atop the podium, and has appeared 13 times in 50 romantic films.
    Remember, the model car, all white, was shown in films like Bridget Jones’ memoir, Ghost and Love Actually. The Ford Crown Victoria was ranked second in Valentine’s Day rankings (a “collective” model also used by the police) which appeared 12 times in 50 love movies. The third was the Chevrolet Caprice, which was also supplied to police and taxi companies. His image – which features in films such as A Walk to Remember, Juno and The Bodyguard – has appeared 10 times in 50 Love Movies.
    In the ranking, to complete the success of Blue Oval (183 appearances in 50 romantic films), fourth place is taken by Ford Mustang, the protagonist in the 10 Things I Hate About You series, How To Lose a Guy in Ten Days and Harry This Sally. But, even if the model doesn’t appear in the top ten of the list, while the brand is in sixth place, how can we not forget the scene – perhaps closest to the spirit of Valentine’s Day – which witnesses the Coup√© DeVille, the magician Richard Gere and the redhead (who appears to restore Julia Roberts through the open ceiling) in Pretty Woman’s famous love scene.

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