For years on the president’s trail.

    For years on the president’s trail.

    Catanzaro – Regional Consultant for Employment, John Calabresemet, at the headquarters of Cittadella in Catanzaro, the President of Unindustria Calabria, Aldo Ferrara – with a delegation represented by the Managing Director, Dario Lamana, and the Director of the Supported Financing Area, Filippo Ciparoni – To start comparing and brainstorming the path to follow, with activities focused on development And on the opportunities for Calabrian companies. The Director General of the Regional Employment and Training Department, Roberto Cosentino, also participated in the meeting.

    “Only through continuous synergistic engagement – declared Calabrese – We can build a different future for Calabria. I thank President Ferrara and Unindustria Calabria for joining this moment of energetic confrontation. We have a common goal and It is to put Calabrian companies in a position to overcome the moment of strong crisis and at the same time plan useful measures to be able to create new and stable job opportunities.” President Ferrara after thanking him Counselor Calabrese” intends to open this meetinga channel of cooperation that I think may be beneficial for our region. “The issue of working in Calabria is inevitably a function of the capacity of the companies and the fabric Fruitful to look to the future with confidence, which is why the staffing plan in our region is strictly based on an investment plan that really responds to the needs of companies.

    We are heading towards a slowdown in the economy – continued Ferrara – It is fueled by a complex post-pandemic phasethrough increases in energy and raw material costs and an increase in interest rates: the Calabrian production system must be able to respond promptly to this situation, The time factor and compatibility between the developed tools and real needs are critical variables To ensure that the huge resources available from regional programming and Pnrr have a profitable multiplier effect in economic and social impact on the region. Therefore, the meeting was also an opportunity to assess the regional appeal for assistance For retraining and wage costs for company employees. We shared the need to speed up the implementation of the measure, particularly with regard to related disbursement For the training phase expected by the tender. In this way, we will allow companies to quickly use their resources and thus their survival and the consequent protection of employment levels in the region.”

    “With President Occhiuto and Giunta – concluded Calabrese – we are constantly working to improve and make the most of the important and huge community resources available. We are taking steps to implement employment measures and corporate growth, with an emphasis on growth of staffing levels and aims to train workers. The management, skillfully led by General Manager Cosentino, and benefiting from the experience of qualified sector managers, works precisely to address This is a new and important challenge that can lead to important results Only by sharing the path that brings together politics, employers’ associations and trade unions.

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