For CNN, it is the only Italian city not to be missed in 2022

    For CNN, it is the only Italian city not to be missed in 2022

    CNN Travel I entered the city of Naples between 22 The best tourist destinations Absolutely not to miss the New Year. With its historic center oozing with energy and exemplary Italian friendliness, it is the only Italian city that appears alongside other international destinations: Antigua and Barbuda Islands, Palau Archipelago, Jordan, Australia, Peru, South Africa, Malaysia, some European cities such as Valencia Dijon and Oslo then have large parks and nature reserves. The city of Sophia Loren is thriving – reads the article – The historic center comes alive and areas that were once off-limits to tourists are showing a new light.”

    Places in Naples to visit

    Among the places to visit in Naples, CNN mentions Museum and Real Bosco di Capodimonte In addition to the exhibition of artist Paulo LaMotta in the Contemporary Art Department of the Museum. Sanita area and the catacombs are also mentioned in 2022 “New archaeological sites must be opened which, though hidden for the time being, will shed new light on Greek and Roman Neapolis, as it was called at the time. Outside the cityPompeii It unveils newly excavated ruins and new ideas, such as the Pompeii Arti Bus, which takes visitors free of charge to nearby lesser-known villas. Navy, Procida Island It will be the Italian capital of culture for 2022. But in truth, this is the year of Naples.”

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