For any frivolous purchases Revenue Agency checks arrive | List 2023

    For any frivolous purchases Revenue Agency checks arrive |  List 2023

    Here are simple purchases your Revenue Agency checks could hit in 2023

    The Italian government announced the implementation New measures to combat tax evasion Finance, with increasing opportunities for taxpayer scrutiny in recent months.

    Here are the frivolous purchases that trigger checks – Ilovetrading, it

    These are choices made constantly with those previous governments (particularly the Mario Draghi government). As also provided for in the Pnrr rules, in fact, Italy will have to commit concretely to Fighting tax evasion. Despite this, many citizens are not aware of any purchases that can lead to exposureRevenue agency attention. In the remainder of this article, we’ll look at some of the ordinary purchases that can lead to a tax audit and give advice on how to avoid disappointment with the tax authorities.

    For purchases for which there are checks by the Revenue Agency

    In recent years, regardless of the incumbent governments, the Revenue Agency has developed increasingly sophisticated monitoring capabilities over citizens. This is because Italy has one of the rates of tax evasion The highest in Europe, which requires decisive intervention by the financial authorities. Therefore, in the rest of the article, we will see some examples of frivolous purchases that can attract the attention of the revenue agency and give useful suggestions for Avoid incurring penalties or fines.

    Be careful with these purchases –

    The revenue agency has implemented a series of measures to combat tax evasion in Italy, which is particularly high. The tax system takes into account standards progressiveThe agency conducts audits of taxpayers’ expenses to determine their income. I am under observation collectibles Related to investments, transportation, goods and services, education, furniture, home appliances, communications, leisure time, consumption in general, housing, health care, fuel and energy. The agency takes into account the amount current expenses The part of savings that is not used for consumption and investment. Notable purchases included Policies insurance, contributions voluntary social security, technical things or antiques, maintenance exceptional housing units, goldnumismatics, Philatelyfinancial products and foreign exchange, as well as expenses incurred for the use of transportation and household services.

    It comes the total income of the taxpayer calculated Taking into account the expenses incurred and the increase in the taxpayer’s capital during the tax period. The information system of the tax registry provides the necessary information. Moreover, there is a table that defines a precautionary rule for an accountAttributable capital increase To the respective tax period, based on the volume of investments made during the year, after deducting the investments made during the year and net investment exclusions in the four years preceding the purchase of assets.

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