Home science Foods to include in the diet to combat GERD

Foods to include in the diet to combat GERD

Foods to include in the diet to combat GERD

Among the most common and bothersome health ailments that many of us have to deal with every day is the dreaded GERD. Almost everyone experiences it at least occasionally and for some it can become a real disease, reducing quality of life. Obviously, if reflux is disabled, it is essential to consult a doctor, but if this discomfort affects us sometimes in a less severe way, we can also run for coverage on our own, while adapting our diet and lifestyle to prevent the onset of reflux. . Gastro-oesophageal. So let’s see what foods should be included in the diet to combat GERD

We consume non-irritant, non-acidic foods

Obviously, the first rule is to avoid foods that are acidic, greasy, or highly spicy. These foods can irritate the stomach, increase its acidity, and lead to an episode of reflux. Also avoid onions, especially raw, for example garlicWhere it is difficult to digest.

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Soft drinks are also not recommended, which can cause excessive pressure within the stomach walls. But if we know which foods to avoid, what foods could be beneficial? Here are the foods that should be included in the anti-GERD diet.

Yes to green leafy vegetables, rice, grains, melons and bananas

We fearlessly include foods with lower acidity levels in our diet. For example, green leafy vegetables that do not cause stomach acidity are preferred. We also consume rice, preferably not very spiced, and oats. Fruits with low acid content can also be a treat for everyone if we suffer from GERD. So melons, melons and bananas approved.
Let’s not forget that herbal tea can also play an important role in fighting stomach upsets. Digestive herbal tea with fennel, for example, can do wonders to help combat GERD. Here too is another miracle herbal tea that contains just two ingredients for digestion before bed.

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