Foie gras: British government tells chefs to find vegan alternatives

    Foie gras: British government tells chefs to find vegan alternatives

    The UK appears to want to ban – in addition to production – also the sale of foie gras, and has called in some vegan chefs to discuss possible vegetable alternatives.

    Adequate Phua On UK tables: The trend really seems to be this, if it’s true – as you quote it guardian – that restaurants and chef More experts in vegan cuisine have been called up before British government To try to understand how to find vegan alternatives to replace foie gras.

    The Guardian said the UK government wanted to explore with them the possibility of creating vegan “fake fats” in the event of an imminent ban. The ban, which is not known at the moment, but many ask about it more than a few questions. But in fact, members of Parliament have promised to ban the trade of foie gras, and the Ministry of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) is working to ban the sale and import of the popular, controversial product.


    Furthermore, the production of foie gras is already illegal in the UK due to cruelty to animals which – as it is now known – are fattened through force-feeding. However, there are still plenty of fine dining restaurants that import from countries like France and serve foie gras to their customers. At least for now, but at this point their business hours are probably numbered.

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