Flick: “With the aged care reform, there is a risk that the terminally ill will no longer be considered sick”

    Flick: “With the aged care reform, there is a risk that the terminally ill will no longer be considered sick”

    “An important step forward.” And so the ps Coordination for the right to health care for the sick and the self-sufficient (CDSA) identified a conference held on Wednesday, May 17 in Rome entitled The lack of self-sufficiency of the elderly is a health problem. According to the organizers, in the interventions of the jurists and experts present and in the letters of representatives of the government and parliament. Concerns about the fate of the elderly Dependent patients, as described in Commissioner Act 33 On March 23, delegations were approved for the government regarding policies in favor of the elderly.

    Especially the second Maria Grazia Breda And Laura ValsecchiCDSA Representatives Chamber Chair Words, Lorenzo FontanaMinister of Health, Horace Schillaci“,” is a precious confirmation ofThe right to health protection must be enforced Older patients who are not self-sufficient. Their letters reaffirm You don’t need to pressor, even worse, the revocation of the health jurisdiction, which it guarantees SSN, in favor of less protective areas for patients, such as those of social assistance, as set out in empowerment law n. 33″.

    All the occupied places In the dining hall House Library By representatives of associations, the third sector, trade unions and parliamentarians. The organization comments, “Najah confirmed the importance and accuracy of the topics under discussion, which a group of scholars and experts contributed to clarifying.” particularly John Marie FlakeA jurist and honorary president of the Constitutional Court said regarding the text of Law 33: “The danger of considering incurable patients No more sicknessso insideArticle 32 of the Constitutionwhich guarantees health protection such as basic rightbut is treated as a social problem To entrust social assistance. The issue is more serious at a time, such as the present, when basic levels of health, social and health care are guaranteed to all, although it could be achieved much better, while the scope of Lep (the levels of services which concern all social rights) is stormy, Undefined And full of problems. Exiting the safe zone for the health and social care sector, as envisaged by Law 33, is equivalent to one Put up protection For chronically ill people who are not self sufficient, who should be kept at a distance
    health protection for all their needs.”

    for this part Peter SecretGeriatrician, National Consultant siggott (Italian Society of Geriatrics in Hospitals and Territory) Emphasis on Clinical status of non-self-sufficient patients related today b Health and social care facilities: “In recent years, the type of patients admitted to facilities has changed in terms of increasing health needs: they are more and more dangerous cognitively and functionally. However, in parallel, we are seeing a slide from health insurance to all patients and to one Access selection On the basis of social and economic criteria. Economic status should never be detrimental to health and social intervention on a patient who is not self-sufficient, especially one with dementia. We can’t give upinstitutional age For which the patient cannot be treated, therefore he does not deserve to be treated like other more deserving patients.

    They also pointed out Breda And falcichiComparison between jurists and physicians
    Social organizations advocating for the rights of the sick, self-sufficient elderly have explained the urgent need to maintain the efficiency of care for the sick, non-self-sufficient elderly in the health sector, which is governed byLaw 833 of 1978who created National Health Service come on me Care that responds to the needs of protecting their health in all stages of the disease, even in those chronic and preventive interventions in the basic functions of life: nutrition, hydration, hygiene, mobilization, monitoring of treatments and therapies … The desire of the CDSA is twofold: towards Governmentto write the executive decrees for Law 33 recognizing the full competence of the service
    the National Health Service for non-self-sufficient patients; Toward deputiesso as not to let their guard down on the fundamental issue of protecting the health of patients who are not self-sufficient, even with careful reminders and addresses on writing decrees.

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